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  1. My son was impressed that Tyson Fury and AJ are on the game. Probably be a few other surprises too
  2. I’m proud of you for thinking that I’d slap you round, in-front of your kids.
  3. Blow me, you ginger haired, Star Wars loving Virgin
  4. Silence, you wimpy little nagger
  5. Split Dec for me But I agree. I think Max will win (So you now know, that means Alex will KO him and retain the strap) CBA jink inbound
  6. A drunk Mike Perry, saying retarded chit, and dropping the N Bomb, at every opportunity Yeah, I can see why someone would tell the nagger, to STFU All we have to do, is look at his reactions ringside, with Darren Till Any man, that punches his own face, to show how hard he is. Needs putting down, like a poorly dog
  7. Nah mate. I respect your opinion. I am a knob
  8. Sack them all and promote me to head mod... I'll whip you suckers into forum shape
  9. Marty - TKO Max - Decision Yan - TKO Rose - Dec Ribas - SUB Procházka - Brutal KO
  10. Looking forward to taking the win... I be doing research and I'm gonna blow you bums away.... (Standby for probably my biggest loss)
  11. Jorge has ran from Usman, from day 1... Masvidal is a bum Give Colby another go..
  12. Let’s all standby for Conor’s crack fuelled twitter comments later on tonight
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