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  1. Headliner Dumont’s contract 14k to Show 14k to Win Let that sink in….
  2. Double standards with Jon Jones/Mike Perry etc etc
  3. Didn’t matter what Wilder weighed He gassed out, again
  4. Only himself to blame after that first round Knobber
  5. Opinions are like A55holes / Everyone has one (Some are bigger than others mind) and I’m not talking your opinions
  6. You and @OzPride should be friends
  7. Does anyone actually know anyone, that was perfectly healthy and died of 'Covid'?
  8. ‘Inside Information’ Thought you were gonna reveal that @OzPrideis actually a fat Tongan
  9. Not as fat as your missus and do you think I care… Think about that for a minute. That’s if you count that far, you uneducated, Filthy, Rubbish at sports Criminal
  10. Listen in you dirty Criminal, you filthy 4th worth belonging When I say Criminal, I mean you and your Family... Your Heritage Your less than an Abbo
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