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  1. I didn't mean you, I just meant in general, that's all you see, where was all the people when Wonderboy lost to Pettis?, we never see any of them but we always see the "Told you so" people, like it scores a point or something. Yeah we can say everyone has a shot if we want, but like I said above, I don't give two sh!ts about who wins the fight, it's a fight I'd like to see and not for who does or doesn't win. Yeah, Jon's fight style is good or we could just have another fight again similar to all the one's we've seen of Jones before. Look, I couldn't give two sh!ts whether the fight specifically with Izzy and Jones goes ahead but I would like to see a different style of fight for Jones and that's something I feel Izzy brings, I wanna see something different with Jones, it's something I'd like to see and that's it. High post count? There seems to be a thing round here where people seem to think people give a sh!t about post counts and likes and things, pretty sad if that's something you even take notice of let alone give a sh!t about, it's a bloody forum, a place you come between breaks, when you're bored or to see what's going on in UFC. Some people seem to live their life around a forum where as others just like to come and talk about the things they have in common with others, people should be the latter (and again, I don't mean you, I just mean in general).
  2. I hope he does, he's capable of doing so but he seems to need that fire in him a little more, hence why this Luke Rockhold fight could be good. He's going to give Gus too much respect in the octagon, so I really don't know how that's going to go but with Luke Rockhold, I doubt there'll be much of that there and this is where we might see that side of Smith.
  3. This is the kind of thing people say often when fighters go up against someone but when they win, they go quiet then, you don't hear anything from them. I'm not saying Adesanya would beat Jones, but I do feel he would put up a fight with him simply due to Adesanya's fighting style, it's good and I'd like to see Jones deal with that, I'm not really bothered who wins. I saw loads of people saying this about Pettis having zero chance against Wonderboy but I never saw anyone saying "Oh sh!t, I was wrong" when he did, they all just go quiet.
  4. I've only done two but I'll do another later, one about his tattoo's or something.
  5. It would be a good fight, you know what everyone's gonna say "Adesanya wouldn't stand a chance with Jones" blah blah cause it's Jones and that's what people say about anyone who goes up against him but I think it would be a good match up. I mean, when are people gonna stop saying it's a hype train and give Izzy some credit? He went in against Gastelum and it was a brawl, he got beat up, something we've never seen before with Izzy yet he showed that he has resilience and is tough, which both those guys showed in that fight and brought a great fight, probably one of the best fights we've seen in a long time and they both really went up in my estimation. Jon is not invincible, he's going to lose at some point and it's going to be someone who people say won't do it (as that's what they say about anyone who goes up against Jones). If they sort out the weight class thing and have the fight it could be really good, I'd like to see it.
  6. He probably should get himself a nice relaxing drink or something.
  7. Yeah possibly, although with Askren I'm pretty sure he requested it cause he wanted to go to London and of course wanted to use this to get the fight he wanted too, he never wanted to fight Lawler and specially pushing for the rematch he wanted to move away from that and get a fight so I think that was Askren's doing (I remember him putting out a video saying he went to the UFC to cover his ticket or something), but UFC often do this anyway with the talent to the ringside to create the fights and hype up the fights too so it's a good thing and a good idea what you mentioned there It's a really good idea what you mentioned is that.
  8. They should have given Alan a different opponent, we'd have definitely got a better fight then. Like I say, Alan was pushing forward and trying to get something out of the fight but there's not a lot you can do when you're opponent just keeps back peddling, you could tell Alan was trying to get something going for the fans but you need your opponent to bring it too.
  9. lol, should get myself a nice relaxing drink or something
  10. No, I'm not gonna bring other people into conversations and I don't have to prove **** all to you.
  11. Sh!t Mickey Gall yeah, he's another I can't stand but he seemed to get humbled in his last fight with Sanchez so see how he comes back. So yeah, as it stands the only UFC fighters I can't do with is Mickey Gall and Leon Edwards lol
  12. Are you looking forward to the Lawler/Woodley rematch? I'm pretty sure Lawler will be looking forward to this since the loss from the title, should be good
  13. Ain't it just lol And for the record so people can have some ammunition when they want to cause they think it's a big thing or something and scores points. Top 5 liked Al Iaquinta (Great guy, tough as nails and often underrated) Cub Swanson (Another great guy, had some phenomenal fights) Justin Gaethje (Phenomenal fighter, one of the best and deserves more credit) Max Holloway (Another great dude and phenomenal fighter) Anthony Smith (Nice dude, doesn't have the best win record but I do feel he's often underrated) Top 5 disliked Leon Edwards (Can't take to him and needs to humble himself) Henry Cejudo (I don't mind him but he can be a little annoying) Greg Hardy (He needs to train more) Mickey Gall (Can't stand him, he had this arrogance and ego and just loves himself too much but hopefully Sanchez humbled him) Kevin Lee (Just a bit delusional but he can fight) I also really like Ben Askren as he can take as much as he gives and has spiced up the UFC but to be fair there's loads such as Pettis, Lawler, Gus, Izzy, Gastelum etc.. I like too. There's only really Leon and Mickey who I can't really take to, though I hope I can get some approval here.
  14. Yeah Al's great! It's like if he happens to have some fights and loses, I'm still gonna like Al just as much. I don't score points or get passionate enough when my favourite fighters happen to lose a fight, it's like "Ah ok, hopefully he'll come back and get better from this", I don't get care enough to try to score points or get at people if and when they're favourite fighters lose a fight lol But yeah, he's had his thing before where he's had the fall out's over contracts and things but he's so laid back now, it's like with all this messing about with the LW division he's been so patient with it all. He agreed to take certain fights they were trying to make which he never really wanted either but knew he had to wait his turn or have these fights in the meantime while others get their shots but then other fighters were messing about or making demands and fair play to them cause some of them paid off but Al was just like "You know what, come to me when you've got a fight and I'll just continue my training and selling houses until you're ready to actually sign a fight for me" and that's what he did. He also had no problem with Max coming in and getting the shot for the interim. The recent interview with Helwani he was like "So is it mature Al now" and he was like "Nah it's still Raging Al" and just how he's in a better place with the UFC. He knows there's so many broken promises so he just continues his training and makes his money selling houses and then when they've got a fight for him, he delivers and that's all we want and ask for. Al's a cool dude and he's tough as nails too, he can hold his own in that octagon just like anyone else.
  15. He keeps going on about this decision thing as if it's something that matters, I mean even if Al had won all his fights by decisions, and? lol Calling him Decisioning Al like it's supposed to sound good or be an insult or something, it's great he's won some decisions lol But it holds no ground because his last 6 wins only two were decision and he can try put a spin on it about the opponents if he likes but they're still not all decisions so it still doesn't make any sense. Yet he'll continue to use it cause he thinks it scores him some points or something, I dunno lol He gets so passionately mad too and you can tell because you really wouldn't need to lower yourself to insults and calling people morons, babies, dipsh!ts etc... unless you were genuinely agitated lol I don't even know why he hates Al so much anyway, Al's alright lol
  16. When you quoted that signature of Al in one of the other posts you brought him up randomly (again) and you said that was the first time you saw it even though it had been there since I joined the forum, so make your mind up. I'm not mad, you are and it's clear as hell, you just won't leave me alone or stop going on about Al and bringing him up. You follow me round the forum and keep going on about me in other threads, in fact I remember you did this when I first joined and I didn't even have a clue who you were, it's was really random. Every post I make even when I'm not even talking to you or are you even in the conversation you quote me and start banging on about Al Iaquinta. I'm calm as hell dude and don't need to give you any insults cause I don't really care enough to feel the need to do that, where as you just get mad and give yourself away, look at the difference between the tone of your posts and mine lol Oh and for the record, a lot of people have told me they enjoy my posts and contributions I bring to the forum so I'm going to continue, sorry that bothers you but it's the way it is. And why do you keep going on about getting likes and views and how long you've been here or how long you've been watching? Do you honestly care about how many likes you get on a post cause you keep going on about it. We need to get you a medal, you deserve this!!
  17. lol, you're even going on about me in other threads, ffs ? LOL
  18. You're arrogant as f*ck lol You don't tell me who I should and shouldn't like and you don't own the place. Again, it's proper funny how you can't help yourself to keep bringing up Al in every single post and how mad you get too, I'm not even talking to you 9 times out of 10 and you jump in, quote me and start going on about Al Iaquinta then get mad and start insulting me lol And stop lying, you're mad he beat Kevin Lee, it's obvious otherwise you just wouldn't be bothered enough to keep doing this.
  19. And now you're throwing out insults, why are you getting mad all the time? You don't hear people knocking you for liking Kevin Lee (or whoever) do you? You always come in and randomly quote me and bring up Al and then try to insult me all the time lol Kevin Lee has been mentioned cause it's the reason why you keep digging at Al, I can't see any other reason as to why you would keep on doing that. This is really down to the fact that you don't like how he beat Kevin Lee like people have said to me, something about how you were mad about it in some thread or something (before I was a member here), it has to be as there's no reason why you would randomly keep quoting someone on a forum and going on about Al Iaquinta all the time (knowing the fact I like him).
  20. No, you mention him because what people have said to me about the Kevin Lee thing, you bring him up ALL the time even when he's not in the conversation. Honestly, when people were saying it to me before about you I didn't really think much of it and thought it's probably just something people say in regards to you being salty about Kevin Lee's losses but the fact you constantly bring him up all the time is probably why, he's not even in the conversation but every time you quote me you can't help yourself to start going on about Al, you ALWAYS bring him up. It's like I'll be having a conversation with someone and you'll chime in, quote me and start going on about Al Iaquinta every single time. What has Al got to do with Smith at the press conference? Why do you keep bringing him up all the time? You mention him more than I do and I'm supposed to be the one who's the fan.
  21. Max put up quite a fight to say that he didn't want that belt haha. Nah seriously thought, I thought the fight was great, I was worried for Max after that first round but he did really start to come back and gain more control in the fight too but Dustin did bring it, even though he slowed down a little towards the end he was getting some attacks in also so credit to him for that. It's like people have said, Dustin was causing more damage and this affected Max, specially with the blood as having that running down your face can't be easy when you're trying to fight so I think that knee Dustin gave which opened up Max really played a part in the fight simply due to how Max had to keep wiping it away all the time. I really wanted Max to win but I don't think it was an unfair decision and as much as Dustin has been annoying with the whole refusing to fight and demand etc.. he does deserve it so I'm fine with it, Max has got his featherweight belt anyway and he didn't seem as powerful in that division. He probably should go for the fight with DC like he said haha.
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