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  1. So, do you mean the 3 judges talk to each other before coming to a decision. I was under the impression that the judges give points to individual actions of the fighters during the rounds and after end of fight each judge gives his card to the manager or somebody like that who tallies da individual marks and give the outcome?? So, for example Judge 1 does not even know who he gave more marks to, because all he will have is a card (or compute screen) where enter 1s or 2s or like that for each fighter.
  2. You mean "Interim should be canceled since Khabib did NOT lose the belt ..." right?
  3. On Sep 7 UFC 242 Nurmagomedov vs. Poirier, what if the extremely rare outcome occurs?? I.e. What if the fight between the returning champion and the interim champion ends in a draw?? Will Poirier keep his interim title??? Will he keep his interim belt? What will happen to Khabib's championship belt?
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