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  1. Thanks for your help jaybird86. Rumbin, stop trolling.. It’s been 3 months and I just want what I paid for that’s all. Don’t take have to take the piss. cheers
  2. Haha @Bubba_Sparks I meant I love the sport of mma and the ufc promotion! My bad
  3. Legend thanks a lot. I am not trying to give anyone a hard time or complain, I just really want my stuff to arrive ! Lol
  4. Hi; I don’t want to be a hater but just wondering if anyone can help me. I signed up to ufc fight club in August to get first crack at tickets for Whitaker v adesanya that took place last month in melbourne Australia. I was planning on wearing my ufc fight club T-shirt to the event as thought I had plenty of time for it to come in the mail but it didn’t show up and now it’s november and it’s still not here? Any help would be appreciated
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