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  1. Yoel's English is getting even worse. It's hilarious Lol
  2. I can't be the only one here not surprised by the way this fight played out. I pretty much saw something like this happening.
  3. That was a fight where neither man wanted to take a risk. Can't say I'm really surprised by the result. 4-1 Izzy though.
  4. I gave Zhang Rounds 1, 2, and 5 I gave Joanna Round 3. I scored Round 4 a Draw.
  5. Absolute ****ing insanity. Best WMMA fight of all time.
  6. aaaaand that's exactly what I was afraid of Anderson doing. Getting too infatuated with his standup, and he got cracked for it.
  7. I know it's Bellator and not UFC But holy **** that stoppage was horrible in that Sergio Pettis fight just now. That fight should have been stopped way sooner
  8. Nowadays? Kinda, he's just not what he used to be. Your name's kinda ironic for this one lmao In all sense, he's pretty much Yesterday's Hero. Time has passed him by.
  9. Lol "Don't call him a lay-n-pray takedown artist" Maybe if he'd use the striking everyone knows he has more often, we wouldn't. But all he ever does is lay on people. One day he'll run into someone who can stuff his takedowns here just like Junior did But they'll also have the striking JDS used to have. And then he'll be in trouble. If he doesn't learn to mix that **** up more often
  10. Well, that was the earliest stoppage I've ever seen. At least he didn't lay on him
  11. Gets all of his takedowns stuffed so he hits him in the nuts. Nice. Please KO him Junior
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