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  1. Most Flyweights don't have Punching Power. I said for a flyweight. He definitely hits harder than a fair few of them. He put that one dude on **** Street, and he rocked Brandon Royval who has a solid chin.
  2. What in the **** is that thing on the left?
  3. Paige is two weight classes below her. She'd die before she could fight Paige.
  4. TJ's chin got shot from the cut to 125. He gets dropped a lot but is good at recovery. Couldn't do it at 125. If Cody's chin is already questionable at 135, if he has even a slightly bad weight cut, that chin is going to be that much weaker. When looking at what weight cutting does to your chin I always cite Joanna Jedrzeyczyk/Rose Namajunas 1 vs Rose Namajunas/Joanna Jedrzeyczyk 2. I actively hate Joanna but can admit with how differently those fights played out, that Joanna's weight cut excuse was valid.
  5. People are really underestimating the fact Kara-France has considerable KO Power for a Flyweight.. something Cody's obviously struggled with in the past. I'm not saying Cody will lose, but damn. Ya'll are really counting out Kara-France entirely. Against a guy who's never fought at Flyweight before, cutting down from 135. We saw how well that went for TJ (Yeah, TJ's definitely bigger than Cody, but still.)
  6. Am I the only one who thinks RDA should have had one more tune up fight, just to see where he really was? I mean he fought a guy who was already half-retired in his mind, no disrespect to Paul Felder. I know they've been calling for each other, but I really don't think this is the proper fight for RDA.
  7. Costa usually TKO's people by Round 2 from pressure, problem is it seems like Marvin's head is made of cement. I could see Vettori with a late TKO or Submission
  8. I'll believe it when I see it. Max gave Yair a taste of his own medicine by pulling out, now Yair will have a fit and pull out himself.
  9. I'll be doing that, since I care about this card. If I get most wrong on this one, then yeah, Bart can feel free to laugh his azz off at me.
  10. Because a 5 year old is going to know not to say Mommy or Daddy... right. ****'s sake that's pathetic.
  11. 95% of cars all look the ****ing same nowadays.
  12. JoshNOS

    British have no humor

    For once I agree with you. That is the ****in truth right there.
  13. Only way a rematch happens is if Pitbull somehow manages to hold onto the 155 title long enough.
  14. Oh, I forgot about Corsce. That's where my miscount was, thanks!
  15. Does Bobby Green have his entire head tattooed now due to his hair loss?
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