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  1. is the press conference going nuts for anyone else?
  2. I know people will say Conor vs Dustin, but I think Chandler vs Ferguson is also a good fight for the Vacant Title. Perhaps also whoever wins Chandler vs Ferguson could take on the winner of Dustin and Conor for the vacant title.
  3. Considering how much Woodley does that, he'd have 50-45'd Covington had it gone to decision.
  4. All ya'll mother****ers that been talking chit all these weeks, what now mother****ers. your boy got ****ed up There's a reason he has CAN in his name, cause he's a ****in bum!
  5. Man I really hate suits like that.
  6. I wouldn't call destroying almost everyone enroute to a loss to Henry Cejudo disappointing.
  7. Also I think we found someone less audible than Stipe Miocic
  8. 29-27? Not sure I really saw a 10-8 in that last round.
  9. How the **** is Rothwell still standing after throwing this many punches
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