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  1. He seems to have trouble with distance Strikers. As I mentioned earlier, he really had trouble against Kevin Holland.
  2. Kevin could easily still make 170 if he tried, I just don't think he wants to.
  3. When Neal fought Kevin Holland they were fighting in one of those, Kevin still outmoved Neal and TKO'd him in the third, I watched that fight last week.
  4. It could be the opposite too. Knowing that TJ was a cheater now may fuel the fire even more, as Barao was never the same after that beating.
  5. Also I know why he wants to fight TJ. TJ destroyed Barao back in the day, one of Jose's closest teammates.
  6. ****in Frankie man, wants to move down to BW to get away from Aldo, and Aldo made his official move down to BW even before Frankie did, dude's probably thinking "FML"
  7. Sadly I don't write the MMA judging. I was only going off how MMA judging works.
  8. what is this commentary by DC and Bisping lmao
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