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  1. That is what they are telling me. But when I signed up, it had a list of all of these things I would be getting, which is why I even signed up in the first place. This is a totally pointless "subscription" for me without the offers. I don't even know how I could even know about all of the things I thought I was signing up for if it wasn't presented to me on this website. the customer service is appalling.
  2. I stumbled upon this website while planning a trip to Las Vegas for fight 245. By joining it had 2 options, free and ultimate. The Ultimate membership details on October 13 said I would get access to pre-sale tickets, two free PPV, a t-shirt, access to a UFC Gym for free for 30 days and access to the forum. I thought it more than paid for the membership to get the free PPVs. The pre-sale tickets were nice I guess, expensive as expected and you cannot pick your seats. I was told UFC was in total control of that when I called AXS. I have not gotten my PPV codes. After doing Google searches (since there is no FAQ on the website) it seems a lot of people have had this problem. Now the answer seems to be that it is untrue that the free PPVs exist for Ultimate so I am assuming what I signed up for was a promotion. I don't see that when I try to sign up now and it doesn't have the gym option as well as still only has two signup options which are free and Ultimate. Also, when I click on the PPV area it says 2 free PPV codes with a lock on it. There is no upgrade option. Last but not least, I still haven't gotten my T-shirt. It seems ludicrous to me that a site that caters predominately to fights that happen on the WEEKENDS does not have WEEKEND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I feel ripped off and frustrated. Are they super unprofessional or do they not care?? The only thing I can hope for is that they refund my money I spend on the fights tonight?
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