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  1. About to upgrade the old gaming machine Ps5 or one of the Xboxs? Also is game pass better than ps now?
  2. This my yearly rant about how fooking hot it is. Like 30 degrees yesterday. UK homes should have ac as standard from here on out. This is the real issue this country faces
  3. Yet here you are Judging by your pic, you must be the taker
  4. Nobody talking about the soccerball tournament? Bubba? Nocake? Warwest? Where have the Brits gone?
  5. Identity2


    This place is super dead now huh Anyone still alive?
  6. Lol Soup was a legend, he still post here? Pretty sure he was gearing up to throw hands with somebody in here, can’t remember who
  7. Done the calculations but cant come up with a clear answer Help
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