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  1. better than trigger-happy mods
  2. already rich, never lost good way to quit, at the top i would
  3. a dude got shot when he tried to pull a gun on cops people are protesting Man wounded in officer involved shooting downtown, sparks protest The shooting happened Saturday evening in the 1200 block of Sixth Avenue, when two SDPD officers noticed a man leaving a building and thought he resembled a robbery suspect. fox5sandiego.com
  4. at the time i thought hookr won r3 after seeing everyones scores, i must rewatch r3
  5. he was trying to overcome perrys steroid advantage
  6. old steve martin had me loling
  7. its so hot the birds have erupted here https://i.imgur.com/WtZsFHP.mp4
  8. yeah, i dont have the patience to read subtitles i wont even read a meme too much work
  9. also on netflix u can make the english version dubbed for Dark
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