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  1. As a newbie, I'm not sure if you're just messing here or not, but that's a parody account with 120 followers you've just referenced.
  2. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/06/angela-hil-michelle-waterson-strawweight-ufc-august-22 Agapova also on the card.
  3. Full steam ahead now to 251. It'll feel weird without a card on Saturday.
  4. Thanks. Is he in a good, worthwhile match up, or is it more of a case of he is just generally good to watch? I'm pretty much a COVID fan.
  5. Not at all, read it back. I know the main event is a good fight on paper, but I was wondering if anything else was worth watching. The Ladd stuff was more of an observation.
  6. Are there any other decent fights on this card on Saturday? I see Aspen Ladd unfortunately did her knee and is out, so there is currently only 4 fights scheduled for the main card, and no WMMA fights as it stands. What else should I look out for?
  7. Good stuff, good to see Avila active. Hopefully a quick turnaround for Agapova as well - she looked really impressive on that card last week as well.
  8. Ivy may not have any business being in the UFC in your opinion, but he still was the betting favourite heading into his fight, so it wasn't a mismatch on paper, rather Aguilera did something he wasn't expected / supposed to do, which made it better IMO.
  9. Co-main was good and I also liked the look of Agapova who seemed to have a real swagger - hopefully a fast turnaround for her.
  10. Christina will be buzzing with that.
  11. I'll be recording to watch first thing in the morning, so I can fast forward some of it, but I'm actually quite looking forward to it. Going to stick a bet on now.
  12. It's too late for me, so I tend to Sky + the cards and watch them first thing in the morning, which I don't mind to be fair, as I can always avoid spoilers and FF all the breaks, filler, or any whizz through any fights I'm less interested in on x2 FF, but I would love the occasional prime time show, so you have the option of putting on in play bets, discuss live on social media etc. like we can with the domestic boxing.
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