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  1. Hi! Its Kushman, but I like Kush too. I just started smoking pot last year lol. My ex BF corrupted me.
  2. Yeah, the free p-o-r-n forum there is outrageous. https://bastardfactory.net/forums/erotica.9/ I dont go in there tho. ;/
  3. Uh No. Dont know Cole. Heres the guys fight thread. Seems a few members there want to fight him now and its getting heated. lol.
  4. lol nono. I followed a link thingy to this place when they were talking about Breakfall guys UFC fight in his thread there. I think a few members here are also members over at Bastard Factory.
  5. My names Amber. My gf is a member of bastard factory so I go over there to look at the daily random picture thread.
  6. He goes by the name Breakfall over at the Bastard Factory place. I'll try to find out his actual name, but he blurred out his name on the UFC creditials thing for next month. He has all the compliance paperwork and travel itinery on BF in General forum. They're harrassing him telling him he will not make weight since he spends so much time online and then we saw his abs. woohoo
  7. Reminds me of this epic thread.... I like guns.. | Bastard Factory Forums
  8. Anyone heard of this place? https://BastardFactory.net They have a huge fight forum and one of the members is fighting next month in the UFC.
  9. So glad this elections over.
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