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  1. So, it's been 9b days and no one that "supposedly" runs this site has tried to resolve the issue - what a waste of my 85.00 - guess I'll have to call my conceirge person on my CC and have the charges returned., Why would I pay for a service I am unable to use! Get your acts together and fix the access!!!! UFC FIGHT CLUB - GET YOUR ACT TOGTHER!
  2. SO I purchased the Ultimate Membership and got the presale for UFC 262, but cannot access any of the ultimate areas, such as forums. I log in and it shows Ultimate on my dashboard, but my profile lists "FREE" membership. - What gives?
  3. kmreardon06

    UFC 262

    So we went to teh presale wanited in "online" all day - got on really fast - but were unable to purchase any seats - go in at 3:01 - no seats avaialble at 3:01:10 - I call BS! How many ticket agencies did you allow to buy tickets - prior to allowign Fan Club fans access!!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE!
  4. I joined the UFC newletters last year and was able to purchase tix (pre-sale Las Vegas March 2020) but now I never get a news letter or offers for other pre-sales? What gives - am I doing this wrong??
  5. TIX to the Jacksonville Event - are insanely expensive! Ticket master (3) nosebleed seat 1300.00????
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