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Found 1 result

  1. Whilst we rightly name and shame the welcher, it also seems fitting that we celebrate those who have the mental fortitude and honour to hold their heads up high and take it on the chin when they lose a bet. This thread is not just for the occasional AV wearer or week long sig-bet loser; this is for those who's AV/SIg and dignity are rarely their own, for the ****-drinkers, the poop-eaters and the you-tube singers So far the nominees for this esteemed list are:- 1. PoonMachine (running the Machida/Silva sig for 6 months+) 2. MGun (for chasing people up to give him his dues) 3. JBJF (for striding manfully into the 2nd month of his 6 month user-name loss) 4. Uncle Polo (for reluctantly replacing DC with a triple whammy of Davis, Khabib and Lawler. His AV has belonge to other people for many months) 5. Shady (for posting a vid of him singing when he's clearly tone deaf) 6. Sober (Dude drank the **** apparently) 7. Chanman (Another **** drinker) 8. 12er (solid non-welching) 9. Omoplatypus (multiple defeats involving losing the precious platypus) 10. TC (Stoic Aussie non-welching) 11. MMA_FTW (more solid non-welching) 12. Eclipse (famous non-welcher and deserves to be on all lists of honour) 13. TUF (loveable non-welchy names like Jake Ellen de Generes) 14. Jason_H (took a six-monther on the chin) 15. Ozpride (1 month in purgatory and taking it on the chin for bets he didn't recall) 16. The Enigmae (many many non-welching defeats plus 2 weeks in the help section) 17. Juice (Taking the NWO hit) 18. Ares (see above) 20. Bubba Sparks (0-3, plus didn't flinch from the quadruple combo nocake bet) 21. WarWest (for a Randy-esque 19-12 record plus current AV speaks volumes that he's still got it!) 22. Transcendent GOAT of GOATs (for transcending happily from transcendence to transcience) 23. Trez (for Lazarus-like transcendence from the welcher's list to the honourable list after recovering from illness) 24. Carnages (for stoic and honourable un-welching; rumours of X-box purchasing welching firmly quashed upon review) 25. WTG (his record speaks for itself) 25.5 Cashflow (much honourableness including quashing some residual misunderstandings with Nyte for the greater good (the greater good) 26. Twennyfo (made a bet involving real money; lost the bet and reminded the person he had the bet with who had forgotten all about it. Should really be number 1) 27. NyteRyder (wore a Barbie AV....maybe enjoyed it, but most would have welched) 28. NoCake (EdGod punch face and Conor non-welchiness) 29. NPW (stepped into a lolWMMA double underdog bet and unhesitatingly sported the losing sig) 30. TSU (something to do with milk-shake) 31. Decompoze (confessed to losing a match that had been wrongly attributed to him as a win) 32. Jason_H - first ever two time honourable non-welche This thread is now open for other nominations to be considered by the honourable GOATs committee
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