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Found 61 results

  1. DekelBehrooz

    MMA Math

    You guys know any cool mma math like this one that I discovered? Dodson>Dillashaw>Barao>Faber>Alcantara>Lamas>Swanson>Stephens>DosAnjos>Benson>Thatch>PauloThiago>Koscheck>AnthonyJohnson>AntonioNogueira>Overeem Notice how it went from flyweight-heavyweight
  2. Whats up guys, New around these parts, been a big UFC fan for a while, enjoy all aspects of the sport, here to engage with conversations about everything i have a little youtube channel where i upload online fights of match ups i would love to see Not here to promote dont worry, i mainly just watch them all myself anyway Im Nino FYI 23 from London Check me out if you want Anyone else excited for Ovince vs Shogun? my moneys on Ovince XD
  3. If you saw my last simulation you realized it was pretty damn good lol and quite accurate so let's discuss this who do you think is going to win? what do you think will happen? do you agree with this video or not? share your thoughts.
  4. shuga808

    UFC 181 PPV codes

    Hi, Im looking at the site and its showing me 2 PPV codes for UFC 182 and I'm wondering if those codes will work on UFC 181. Looking to use code on tonights UFC 181 and I'm supposed to have 1 code left. Thanks
  5. I speak on behalf of the rest of the world and can honestly say that we as a whole could not give two **** about your **** holiday. Now public holiday yeah I'll pay that, fair enough. But seriously. It's Christmas in like 7 weeks. Can't you bloody seppo's wait 7 weeks to eat too much and pass out at your families houses? My primary grievance with this stupid **** holiday is that the TV networks decide just to pull shows off for a week. a **** week. I mean, is it thanksgiving all **** week? What in the **** is going to happen if you put a **** TV show on - on the **** tuesday night - of a **** holiday that is on saturday???? Even if it IS a **** holiday, doesn't it mean MORE people will WATCH THE **** given that they won't have to work??? its **** .. (TL/DR Version) So I just got home and went to download ep12 of Sons of Anarchy about two minutes ago and saw "oh it's not on because of thanksgiving" and I sincerely don't understand how that is in any way a reasonable excuse to take a show off for a week. If anybody can explain it I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks homies
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IislmgIpfEc&list=UUDG1hhp_N2TpzDqgBRZC6nA&index=21
  7. http://www.foxsports.com/ufc/haymaker/ufc-s-thiago-tavares-is-running-for-office-in-brazil-in-the-communist-party-081614 Apparently the UFC has another communist in its ranks in the figure of Thiago Tavares who is actually running for office in Brazil as a member of the Brazilian Commie's Club. Interestingly enough he is also a cheater getting popped for some of that patented Brazilian Jesus Juice after Khabib displayed superior Russian communism to ol' Roider via decapitation. Now so far we have confirmed one defecting stool loving commie, one full-out roiding commie, and a handful of cheating Dagestani ex commie cans in the UFC The question is simple: Are communists inherently cheating cans? The evidence is there who can save us from the red threat?
  8. Hey Fight Club! Have you been logging your workouts for Team Pettis in the Wheaties NEXT challenge? Hope so! We appreciate your participation in putting UFC Champ Anthony Pettis on the next Wheaties box. To thank you for your efforts, we want to reward some lucky Fight Club members for keeping up with their workouts contributing votes to Team Pettis! READ TO THE END! Unfortunately, this is only open to U.S. Fight Club members due to the rules of the Wheaties Challenge and logistics. Here are some of the prizes we’re giving away: -UFC Fit Kit-WON -1 year Fight Pass subscription- WON -1 year Fight Club membership (renewal of existing membership) WON -UFC EA Game (XBox) -UFC swag bag WON -UFC Shirts How it works: 1. Send us the same screen shot of your logged work outs and best champion pose that you are submitting to @UFC on Twitter for #TeamPettis to fightclub@ufc.com 2. Each Friday until August 29th, 2014, we will select a Fight Club member participating in the campaign to win a Prize! (the more work outs the better! You can still log workouts you did from July 1 onward for participation in the Wheaties challenge. A valid workout is more than 30 minutes long and up to two workouts a day. Remember that chores, housework, and casual walks among other activities you are probably already doing counts as workouts.) Have you forgotten to log your workouts? It’s okay, you can go back and log anything you have forgotten. Just in case, here are the steps: 1. Go to www.MapMyFitness.com/wheatiesnext 2. Create an account 3. Sign up for the Wheaties NEXT Challenge 4. Pick "Team Pettis" 5. Log aWorkout (at least 30 minutes, up to 2 workouts per day) A vote goes towards Pettis after each logged workout. ALSO: If you get 10 of your friends and/or family to send you screen shots of their logged work outs, and you email us all 11 screen shots (yours plus 10)We will send you a UFC Shirt!
  9. If you could put together an old-style UFC tournment (no weight classes, no rounds, 8 fighters, 7 fights in one night, last man standing wins) who would you include among current signed UFC fighters?
  10. here in this video what does he mean by CBH?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRmOUEpzZ_c @@pauliegmma
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