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Found 5 results

  1. Do people really thing Stephen Smith can beat Joe Rogan? lol... https://youtu.be/7J0tAVINZ4Q
  2. During the broadcast for ufc 228 when showing the main card for ufc 230 joe rogan said that the card isn't finalized and that he "knows some things we don't know." i'm just curious to see what you guys think about this comment. Is it possible that Jones really is coming back for the main event despite dana "confirming" he's not? is Joe just over exaggerating? Does he really know something we don't? am i looking to deep into this? also heres a video which highlights the moment and some possible meanings you can take away from it
  3. "BREAKING: Max Holloway has been declared medically unfit to fight. Holloway is out of UFC 223. Per Dana White." https://twitter.com/bokamotoESPN/status/982253230531919872 "Current plan is Khabib vs. Pettis per UFC officials. Stay tuned." https://twitter.com/MMAjunkieJohn/status/982255651861676038
  4. Sorry if this has been posted already, I did a search and didn't see it anywhere. Anyways, here's a link to an article with a cool video of Joe Rogan kicking the UFC PowerKube multiple times at the UFC Performance Institute and recording a significantly more powerful shot than UFC Heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou's record-setting punches. Check out the video, as well as an old-school video of Joe Rogan amazing Georges St-Pierre while teaching him the turning side-kick years ago in the gym here: http://www.mmanews.com/video-joe-rogans-kick-is-stronger-than-francis-ngannous-punch/
  5. Joe Rogan needs to call the fight like a professional commentator and not scream like a little **** every time something happens. I've produced hundreds of sporting events and can't believe the UFC executives think Rogans screaming is a good thing for such a well produced event.
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