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Found 1 result

  1. After suffering a weak looking card for Fight Night London, the UK has been rewarded with another event set for Sunday 27th May. Tickets on sale April 13th. Till is sure to headline his home city with a possibility of Bisping as a co main. Bisping seems ready to pass the torch onto the English prodigy, making a Rockhold Trilogy unlikely if it's The Counts last hurrah. The Gorilla has made it clear he wants Wonderboy. Whether Steven signs up is another thing. Wonderboy seems to want to hang on for Woodley but I can't see the UFC being keen to put the 3rd fight. Memory's of the last being so fresh. They'll want him to fight again before another title shot. Colbys not got the cojones to come over the pond. Both Maia and Masvidal coming off 2 losses but both up on Darren in the rankings. Usman maybe?? We're going to get a chance to see if Tills the real deal. What's the match you want to see...? Confirmed card so far.... Darren Till V ??? Magny V Nelson Kelly V Breese Theodorou v Trevor Smith Brad Scott v Touahri
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