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Found 2 results

  1. UFC Fight Night- Teixeira vs Saint Preux Date: Saturday, August 8, 2015 Venue: Bridgestone Arena –Nashville, TN Fight Club Presale: Starts Wednesday, June 17 – 10 am CT Ticket Prices (Does not include fees): P1 = $175 P2 = $125 P3 = $90 P4 = $75 P5 = $40
  2. Does Dana stand them up next to the "You must be this tall to ride" sign at the local six flags and see who can ride the biggest roller coaster, and go from there? *Warning: Continue Reading at your own risk.* Because every fight you get some 6'4 giant who all of the sudden at the weigh ins is the same height as the 6'1 guy he is being put up against. This card i noticed it during the OSP/Bader weigh in with the supposedly freakish D-1 bench warmer facing off against the wrestling stump who made him look small despite OSP being this giant defensive lineman on paper. At first you would think fighters self-report their measurable with guys like Shane "I'm anywhere from 5'11 to 6'5" Carwin walking in 3 inches shorter than Frank Mir, but, then you got guys like Chris Weidman who was originally listed at 6'0 when he is noticeably taller than Anderson Silva; 6'2, and Lyoto Machida; 6'1. No athlete would ever under report their own height by 3 inches would they? Maybe the guys who make the pre-fight graphics do a quick Google search before the fight and throw up the first number they find. Isn't it a little amateurish that a professional organization like the UFC can not get accurate measurements on their fighters? Its a little like the high school basketball team where everyone measures themselves in their basketball shoes, can do a one-handed behind the back dunk from the free throw line any day but today, and throws as extra three inches on and adds a half foot to their wingspan just to be sure. If the fighters Heights are off so much to vary 2-3 inches between fights who knows how much their reach may be off by, and yet they are talking about adding in a "leg reach" stat to the already grossly inaccurate tale of the tape graphic they throw up now how is adding another inaccurate and therefore ultimately useless stat supposed to help us anymore than what we have now?. Most if not all major sports team both in college and professional sports give their players a comprehensive physical before the season and gets accurate measurements from their teams medical staff. How hard would is be for a UFC doctor or medical professional to get an official measurement of the fighter sometime during the week before hit debut? Unless they are going around fudging the numbers in a lame attempt to hype fights, sell wolf tickets, and make guys seem larger than life they might want to take another look at their tactics because most people following MMA don't have their seeing eye dogs give them the details on how the fighters look. It's kinda insulting to the fans trying to hype up a fighter by literally inflating his size
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