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Found 1 result

  1. I dont know if anyone caught it or not on the season premiere of Ultimate Fighter but Dana screwed up the ever so simple but important coin flip. Check it out if u haven't seen the opening episode yet. Dana said ok Joanna your the red side of the coin and Claudia your the other. It clearly came up red and meathead then said its red so CLAUDIA YOU WIN the toss and get your choice of picking your first fighter or who the first fight will be and she chose the fighter. I couldn't believe he screwed it up with a coin that's made to make it simple LMAO!! And whats even worse he then proceeds to let Claudia make the first pick in each round which is a HUGE ADVANTAGE for Claudia. Its meant to alternate back and forth after the WINNER of the coin toss gets the very first pick, HUGE F UP!!! What was really priceless was the confused look on Joanna's face as she watched her boss f it up on national tv and they both kept there mouths shut. Check it out, its must see tv!! One other thing I thought was weird is a remark Dana made. There was a LHW fighter named Hawes out of the Jackson camp that trains with JJ. Dana said this kid is said to be the next superstar, in fact hes being compared to superstars like John Jones and Chris Weidman! Why the hell wouldn't they say Luke Rockhold instead of CW, you know Dana, the guy that just beat the liv'n buh-jesus out of CW, I think Dana was high or having a real meathead day.
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