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Found 3 results

  1. UFC Fight Club EA Sports UFC Xbox One Tournament You have 24hr to choose your Light-HEAVYWEIGHT fighter,or get skipped Pick Order: Poster -(Gamer Tag)-Fighter Light HeavyWeight Sign Ups: HitemNsubmitem Bartolini Fighters Available : Ryan Bader Daniel Cormier Phil Davis Rashad Evans Forrest Griffin Alexander Gustafsson Dan Henderson Quinton Jackson Jon Jones Chuck Liddell Gegard Mousasi Antônio Rogério Nogueira Maurício Rua Wanderlei Silva Chael Sonnen Glover Teixeira Lyoto Machida Vitor Belfort Michael Bisping Anderson Silva Matchup Rules: Round 1 Begins Friday 9th Round1 will be completed and reported by Sunday 9pm EST Round 2 Stars on Monday the 12th after brackets are updated Round 2 will be completed and reported by Thurday 9pm EST Round 3 Starts on Friday the 16th after bracket is posted Championship Round Starts It is your responsibility to contact your opponent and agree on time If you don't fight you don't advance unless someone forfeits Matchups: Round 1: Wedo vs Bartolini Trez1336 vs MCMaxx 12'er vs Poon Machine Round 2 : Polo vs WTG Patster vs Poon Machine Relentless Rampage vs Trez1336 TUF vs Wedo619 Round 3 : Patster vs WTG Relentless Rampage vs Wedo 619 Trez (trez1336 ) stipe miocic RelentlessRampage ( TheUncurvable) Pat Barry PoonMachine ( XTheMonarcx ) Junior Dos Santos Hitemnsubmitem ( hitemnsubmitem ) Andrei Arlovski TUF ( JimmyG424 ) Cain Velasquez Patster ( I PATST3R I ) Fabricio Werdum McMax3000 ( McMax300 ) Mark Hunt Bartolini ( Bartolini80 ) Travis Browne Weidman_the _Great ( SightedWord9841 ) Brock Lesnar 12'er ( Some Drunk) Roy Nelson Uncle_polo ( FilthyPhillyFan ) Daniel Cormier The plan is for 16 players. If we cannot get 16, we'll cut it off at the first eight to sign up, so if you want to be guaranteed a slot, sign up quickly. To sign up, post here with your Xbox Live Gamertag. Brackets will be determined at random. Each participant will pick one non custom fighter from the selected weight class at the beginning of the tournament, and will use that fighter for the entire tournament. Pick order will be determined at random, separately from the bracket order. The selected weight class will be determined by the poll above. Only the weight classes with at least sixteen different in game fighters were eligible for the poll. In the event of a tie, I will decide which is picked. Once the bracket, and fighters are set, it's up to you, and your opponent to set up a mutually agreed upon time to meet up for your match over Xbox Live. Matches are best two out of three, with the result of who won to be reported back to this thread. If you have the connection to support use of the in game Twitch streaming features so others can watch, that would be great, but is certainly not required. An 'Xbox, Record That' highlight of the finishes posted to YouTube would certainly be helpful, and entertaining, but again, not required. The winner of the tournament wins recognition, and nothing else. This is just for fun, so nothing shady (you all know who that's referring to). In the event that anything questionable does happen, the final decision as to how it is handled will be made by me. Participants Hitemnsubmitem ( hitemnsubmitem ) McMax3000 ( McMax300 ) Weidman_the _Great ( SightedWord9841 ) PoonMachine ( XTheMonarcx ) Bartolini ( Bartolini80 ) Patster ( I PATST3R I ) TUF ( JimmyG424 ) Trez (trez1336 ) RelentlessRampage ( TheUncurvable ) 12'er ( Some Drunk) Uncle_polo ( FilthyPhillyFan )
  2. The IMMAF is offering Fight Club members a discount on tickets to the IMMAF World Championships. The preliminary sessions are being held in the Flamingo Sunset Ballroom from Monday July 6th- Thursday July 9th with doors opening at 10am and competition running from 11am-3pm each day. Ticket Link http://www.ticketmaster.com/search?tm_link=tm_homeA_header_search&=&user_input=immaf&q=immaf 20% discount for UFC Fight Club members: Code- UFCFIGHTCLUB
  3. If you could put together an old-style UFC tournment (no weight classes, no rounds, 8 fighters, 7 fights in one night, last man standing wins) who would you include among current signed UFC fighters?
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