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Found 6 results

  1. Who's with me?
  2. Ok, first of all, yes I know you should "never leave it in the hands of the judges" but let me break this down. Lets be reminded of the 3 criteria of what an MMA victory is based on: effective striking, grappling, and Octagon control. [http://abcboxing.com/Unified_Rules_of_MMA_Judging_Criteria.pdf] 1) Effective Striking Frankie landed more strikes than Aldo in rounds 3 and 4. Aldo landed more in round 5. The first 2 are apparently tied but Edgar was clearly the aggressor. Aldo = Red Frankie = Blue RD1 14 of 40 - 35% 14 of 53 - 26% RD2 14 of 32 - 43% 14 of 54 - 25% RD3 17 of 41 - 41% 21 of 49 - 42% RD4 16 of 39 - 41% 20 of 53 - 37% RD5 19 of 40 - 47% 10 of 55 - 18% [http://www.fightmetric.com/fight-details/84c5035830ebb421] 2) Effective Grappling Frankie did not land a take down but made attempts and had Aldo against the cage on more than one occasion - Aldo made zero grappling attempts. Attempts at take downs do NOT count against you even if they are neutralized. You are still the aggressor and controlling the Octagon. 3) Octagon Control (Aggression) As I mentioned earlier, Frankie obviously controlled the center of the Octagon for the majority of the fight while all Aldo did was back up and try to counter. Frankie kept pressing forward, landed more punches, attempted take downs, and pressed Aldo against the fence. He clearly controlled the Octagon. Now I understand that although it is not formally considered one of the pillars of scoring criteria, damage is also taken into account. However it is a well know fact that Frankie cuts easy and has a lot of accumulated scare tissue in his face from his many battles in the past (Ex: the Maynard fights) but that does not necessarily indicate that he took more damage than Aldo just because he cuts easier. So... how did Aldo win? I am aware that there is more to a fight than sheer numbers but when a fight has very little grappling and no significant near-finish moments, such as this fight, what else can you score it on? Frankie landed more shots and was the aggressor. He wins. The judges scored this fight unanimously 49-46 / 48-47 / 49-46 in Aldo's favor. Really? Two judges gave 4 rounds to Aldo? Based on the scoring criteria, that is absolutely absurd. I have been following this sport for a very long time and I feel like I am in bizzaro land with seeing the decision and praise that was given to Aldo for that performance. I would genuinely like someone to explain why they think Aldo actually won that fight. .
  3. I made this video because I'm really excited for this fight. Almost a month away now.
  4. UFC 189: Aldo vs McGregor Date: Saturday, July 11, 2015 Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena – Las Vegas, NV Fight Club Presale: Starts Wednesday, March 25 – 10 am pt Ultimate and Elite members have access to the pre-sale. Max of 6 tickets may be purchased during the pre-sale. Ticket Prices are as follows, including all sales tax/venue & credit card fees per ticket. P1 = $1,042.32 P2 = $791.35 P3 = $534.15 P4 = $377.15 P5 = $244.70 P6 = $141.45 HOW THE PRE-SALE WORKS Log in to your account. Go to the pre-sales page Copy your unique pre-sale code Click the BUY PRE-SALE TICKETS button, and input your offer code on the ticketing site (We recommend you have a Ticketmaster account set up prior) *Pre-sale tickets are not guaranteed. All pre-sale ticket purchases are subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis. Talk about this event and let your friends know that you got your tickets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #UFC189 and #WelcomeToTheShow Don't forget, members also get 10% off expo passes for the UFC Fan Expo taking place on the 11th & 12th. Discount codes are also available on the pre-sale page.
  5. To complete USA domination of the UFC only some 20 aught days until the last non-american has to prove his worth. Heavyweight: Light Heavyweight: Goatweight: Welterweight (formerly known as CANadiaweight): Injuredweight: Bantamweight: Little People's Division: LolWMMA: Who will reign supreme?
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