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Found 5 results

  1. 4 ticket maximum for ALL pre-sales and on-sale. Ticket Link: http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/3B00513BC8E1219A Ticket Prices (Do not include fees): P1 = $1500 P2 = $1000 P3 = $800 P4 = $600 P5 = $450 P6 = $250 P7 = $100
  2. Ticket Prices (not including fees): P1 = £175 P2 = £125 P3 = £95 P4 = £75 P5 = £45 Ticket limit for pre-sales and the public on-sale is 4 tickets
  3. Ticket prices are as follows including all sales tax: P1 = €150 P2 = €105 P3 = €85 P4 = €55 P5 = €40
  4. Hey Fight Club! The UFC 194 Q&A and weigh-ins are gonna be super packed, busy, and one of the biggest events of the year. So I want to be sure you are as prepared as possible before Friday so that you can have a great experience! 1. Be sure you get your barcode! It will get you +1 guest in EARLY to the Q&A. Doors are at 12 and FC will have a 30 minute exclusive window to enter and be seated before general public is let in at 12:30. Your bar code is on the EVENTS page. Go to the early access to 194 Q&A event, and hit show/print bar code. This will generate the bar code that you can bring on your phone or printed out. If it's on your phone: I suggest taking a screen shot and having it in your camera roll so that you're not relying on service or wifi. 2. The Fight Club member line will be on the lower level entry at Audrie & 9th (MGM Way). The doors go to the exterior of that drive and will enter you in to the lower level seats. 3. The poster coupons will be handed out prior to doors. They are limited quantity and first come first serve. I ordered a lot! So we should be all set. But ... please keep in mind: The early bird gets the worm! 4. PACK LIGHT! To ensure entry is smooth, fast, and efficient-please leave your bags at home. THERE WILL BE NO BACKPACKS ALLOWED IN TO THE ARENA-AND THERE IS NOT A LOCKER AREA. It'll make everyone's life easier. Promise! Otherwise, all bags are going to be searched. Don't get caught in that gridlock! 5. Bring your smile and your patience. Make new UFC fan friends, and know that this is going to be a historic weigh-in event. Excited to see y'all there! 6. In the event of rain, as the line is outside, MGM has a covered area nearby where they will arrange the line.
  5. Me and two of my mates bought three separate tickets for UFC 194 because it was downright impossible to get three together. Giving it is our first event, are they strict with people sitting in the correct seats and sections, once they sit at their level. Our tickets cost $275 each, so I don't see a problem with us sitting somewhere together, because I think it would've been the same for a lot of people to get separate tickets?
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