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Found 12 results

  1. No explaining needed. But what would be your favourite scenario? Should Bones be scared? Will his nickname protect him or is it just a prophecy of his inevitable ultimate downfall?
  2. Ok so keep in mind everything i'm saying has been pulled straight off the twitter rumor mill so take all this information with a grain of salt. also im not saying all the information is true or that i agree with it. im just here to present the information and see what you guys think. ill post screenshots of the original posts i saw on twitter what do you guys think? does this rumor hold any weight? or are we seeing more Conor fanboys find excuses for their golden boy getting royally whooped? i will admit that conor did not look like his old self but rather a tired sluggish underconfident shell of what he used to be.
  3. Online games are now popular than ever so that ever player can choose any games to play when they have time. For those who think that playing games is just only for relaxation, it is true,.However, some best online games also bring them a number of benefits to users that they might not know yet. 1. Treatment of somec diseases Gaming can heal some chronic diseases. This may be hard to believe, but it is true. In a research about the effects of games from a University in US in 2012, it has been shown that playing games can heal some incesant diseases in human such asautism, or Parkinson symptom. Some researchers from Utah demonstrates that certain games dedicated to real-life aspects have positive effects, improving communication and responsiveness in children. Gaming affects the emotional nerves that exist in the human's brain, produces positive emotions and forms a natural body-response mechanism that makes autistic children improve the ability to behave. 2. Play games to relieve pain One more scientific study recorded the good effects of gaming. This time, psychologists at the University of Washington concluded that some of conventional entertainment can help relieve pain, both physically and mentally. By using a very simple game called 'Snow Worlds' to relieve the pain of wounded soldiers, patients were be seen in a slight improvement. The game is quite simple, a sample world is full of snow balls and the users' tasks players is to throw someballs into different dunny penguins. With extremely simple gameplay, Snow Worlds makes the patients less feel hurt and the use of painkillers to heal. 3. Good for the eyes High effects with good graphics will be attractive to users’ eyes. At first glance, it may be unreasonable for gamers to 'stick with their eyes' on the device, their eyesight will deteriorate, but it will improve. However, the results from scientific research will be more reliable, in particular, scientist Daphne Bavelier from Rochester demonstrated the cosiderable benefits of playing games with the human being's eyes. » Check out some games with best graphics at the link: https://adrenaline.uol.com.br/forum/threads/consulte-o-logitech-g102.639199/ According to Bavelier, the ability to recognize changes in color or nuance, also known as contrast sensitivity of the eyes will increase a lot. Especially for people who regularly play action or shooter games that require continuous monitoring, they will be able to be more alert and aware of their color contrasts that are 58% higher than normal people. "When playing action games, the brain will be stimulated to change the biochemical response chain responsible for the use of vision," Bavelier added. 4. Play more games will help your assertiveness. Particularly for high-speed games, requiring quick interaction and reaction from the player can form a habit. This influences the assertiveness of gamers when they participate in real-life activities, they will always be prepared for a plan and ready to apply it when necessary. Decide something quickly in making decision. Researcher Daphne Bavelier once said: 'Gamers usually have more choices at the same time. If you are a surgeon or combatant, the assertion can sometimes be for the lives of yourself and others. To know more about some news of hot games, you can find some reference at the best new games - free online games reviews, news and info. Summary Obviously, everything has two sides, playing games are alsotoo. Although everyone knows that playing games too much will have some negative consequences , but the positive aspects are remarkable. Remember that 'something too bad' should play a decent game to preserve and improve health. What are you waiting for without playing the game, well that is still working hours, thus, let’s enjoy it when you have time.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYcL2LnHmhQ Just made a small video showing my favorite wtf moments in UFC/MMA/BOXING
  5. iishogunii

    Majin Diaaz

    So I re-watched the McGregor Diaz fight and I thought to myself how much Nate looks like Majin Buu. So, I made this...e][/background]
  6. Hi all McGregor fan here,glad to have joined!!
  7. UFC 197- dos Anjos vs McGregor Holm vs Tate Date: Saturday, March 5, 2016 Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena –Las Vegas, NV Fight Club Presale: Starts Wednesday, January 20 – 12 pm PT Ticket Prices (Does not include fees): P1 = $1450 P2 = $950 P3 = $650 P4 = $450 P5 = $300 P6 = $200
  8. maxlee93

    McGregor vs Edgar?

    I've no doubt that McGregor will continue his success when he moves up to the lightweight division, but should he not first defend his title against Frankie Edgar before challenging for the lightweight title? RDA vs McGregor is obviously the money fight, but Edgar has more than earned a title shot imo!
  9. I made this video because I'm really excited for this fight. Almost a month away now.
  10. UFC 189: Aldo vs McGregor Date: Saturday, July 11, 2015 Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena – Las Vegas, NV Fight Club Presale: Starts Wednesday, March 25 – 10 am pt Ultimate and Elite members have access to the pre-sale. Max of 6 tickets may be purchased during the pre-sale. Ticket Prices are as follows, including all sales tax/venue & credit card fees per ticket. P1 = $1,042.32 P2 = $791.35 P3 = $534.15 P4 = $377.15 P5 = $244.70 P6 = $141.45 HOW THE PRE-SALE WORKS Log in to your account. Go to the pre-sales page Copy your unique pre-sale code Click the BUY PRE-SALE TICKETS button, and input your offer code on the ticketing site (We recommend you have a Ticketmaster account set up prior) *Pre-sale tickets are not guaranteed. All pre-sale ticket purchases are subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis. Talk about this event and let your friends know that you got your tickets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #UFC189 and #WelcomeToTheShow Don't forget, members also get 10% off expo passes for the UFC Fan Expo taking place on the 11th & 12th. Discount codes are also available on the pre-sale page.
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