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Found 14 results

  1. Mike Tyson is claiming he is back! He showed video of himself training and at 53 I must say he looks amazing! If Mike wanted to come back who could he fight in UFC with a big name? How about Brock Lesnar? Brock is still training he is in WWE and looks great as well. Who would win in a MMA fight between Brock and Tyson? Brock Lesnar vs Mike Tyson
  2. Do people really thing Stephen Smith can beat Joe Rogan? lol... https://youtu.be/7J0tAVINZ4Q
  3. Staylu

    MMA Scholarships

    I have two sons, one in high school and one in middle school. My high school student is a great athlete in both football and basketball. As his college years are quickly approaching we’ve been discussing scholarship opportunities. I have been equally excited for my middle school son. He is very talented in MMA. He’s been doing jujitsu and Muay Thai for about a year and a half, and this year dabbled in wrestling however Muay Thai and The jits are by far his favorite. He has passion for the sport and art of MMA— he knows all of the UFC fighters; he studies their fights, past and present, and works hard daily to improve his skills. As I’ve begun to research scholarship opportunities I was SHOCKED to learn very quickly that they don’t exist! As least not for colleges. There are a few for karate and judo but none for Muay Thai or jujitsu. I am stunned.. and disappointed but also hopeful that as the MMA sport becomes more popular that colleges may consider adding MMA to their portfolio of available scholarships. Colleges are more expensive then ever and the job market is competitive— MMA students are disciplined in nature— these kids should have an opportunity to pursue an education with financial assistance as a result of their dedication and perseverance to the sport in addition to citizenship and academics. I truly think it’s time that this sport gets a seat at the table with the others... Anyone else in the UFC Fight Club fam feel the same way.. any thoughts? Sincerely, a mom with the same love for the mma sport as her son ❤️ P.S. you can check out my kids athletic highlights on my instagram page @number1sportsfam
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYcL2LnHmhQ Just made a small video showing my favorite wtf moments in UFC/MMA/BOXING
  5. Fighterlo

    UFC 206 PPV

    What is the subscription costing for Pay per view. What about the fight pass price for this UFC.? Which sports channel will telecast the event for the worldwide users ?
  6. Please take just two seconds to vote for this video as biggest UFC fan. I put a lot of effort into it, and would really appreciate it http://ufc.create.it/entry/zuffa-llc-fight-pass-fanatic-promotion-stephen-f
  7. brklyn23


    Hello people thanks for having me i just want to introduce myself.Im 37 a weight lifter for 15 years as well have studied supplements just as long.By trade im a microsoft certified system admin.I hate it and self learned boxing at home.I got good and evne trained people one guy is going golden golves i love it.I now am interested in mma,i took a class but it went horrable.I want to learn mainly ground fighting and let it lead to a new career in personal security.I am a fun guy and love to chat about anything so feel fee to conact me thanks.
  8. brklyn23

    Self training

    Hello everyone new here thanks for having me.Question i learned boxing at home self taught.I picled up well so much i started training and one of my guys is going golden golves.I want to learn mma and ground fighting.I paid a fortune for a school and everyone there had at least 15 years under their belt there was no one new like me.That wouldent be a big problem except i hated their training technique.I am a power lifter however have no cardio.During warm up which was intense it truly ran out of gas and when i told him i wanted a short break he said keep going.Then during grappling lessons it seemed as if they almost had a attitude when i dident pick up what they were showing me.Bottom line was i did not feel comfortale.So my question is if you have a partner do you believe you can learn mma at home as well are close to a school
  9. Holly Holm Interview: Holly Holm on what she said to Ronda Rousey after Fight? | steroid accusations Click Here to Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjcfvW2FzrM
  10. DekelBehrooz

    MMA Math

    You guys know any cool mma math like this one that I discovered? Dodson>Dillashaw>Barao>Faber>Alcantara>Lamas>Swanson>Stephens>DosAnjos>Benson>Thatch>PauloThiago>Koscheck>AnthonyJohnson>AntonioNogueira>Overeem Notice how it went from flyweight-heavyweight
  11. If you saw my last simulation you realized it was pretty damn good lol and quite accurate so let's discuss this who do you think is going to win? what do you think will happen? do you agree with this video or not? share your thoughts.
  12. ronaldsgriffin

    Martial Art

    If someone can beat you in armwrestling does it mean he is better fighter and person than you?
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