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Found 3 results

  1. I’m coming over to NYC for this and can’t find any info on the weigh ins. last time I came to msg was for McGregor v Alvarez and the weigh ins were ticketed , but when I went to Dallas for Woodley v Till you just queued up on the day , can anyone shed any light on this , any info or links would be appreciated thanks in advance.
  2. Ok so i'm a huge lifelong ufc fan and as many of you know the presale tickets for ufc 230 went up yesterday. i live in NY and there's only 2 MAYBE 3 events here a year so naturally i jumped at the chance to see another event live. (i was present for both 205 and 217, i bought tickets for 223 but sold them after 4 fights got pulled). Basically im just wondering if you guys think i made a mistake getting these tickets so soon seeing as the main event isn't finalized and Nate Diaz constantly threatens to pull out.
  3. During the broadcast for ufc 228 when showing the main card for ufc 230 joe rogan said that the card isn't finalized and that he "knows some things we don't know." i'm just curious to see what you guys think about this comment. Is it possible that Jones really is coming back for the main event despite dana "confirming" he's not? is Joe just over exaggerating? Does he really know something we don't? am i looking to deep into this? also heres a video which highlights the moment and some possible meanings you can take away from it
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