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Found 1 result

  1. i was a rowdy bec fan until about a week or so ago. her "creep of the week" thing was pretty funny and clever, but putting your fans on blast is just stupid- no matter how wacky the **** they come up with. then its constant attacks on twitter. first, i was like "ok", but then she started stabbing her own teammates and saying that things were inside jokes and all of this stuff. if its an inside joke, leave it in a personal message where it will be understood... not on twitter where almost every human being will be able to access it. so shes using social media to stab her teammates in the back, trash her fans, and what else? AND SHE HASNT EVEN BEEN SHOWCASED ON TUF YET! they always wait until the fighters first fight to go into detail about them, and she hasnt fought. so this isnt based on anything i had seen in the show. i didnt want to come to this conclusion, but its what i have decided for the time being. *maybe the makers of the show will read this and decide to change my perception of her. i have come to the conclusion that although the filming is done months in advance, the clips we see are edited on a week to week basis. i notice immediate changes when theres a backlash for too much drama, showing this or that, etc.
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