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Found 24 results

  1. bgali13

    Fight Night

    Where is my code to buy tickets for Phoenix? I cannot locate it
  2. How do you know if an event is offering a commemorative ticket? I went to UFC 200 and they had an oversized hard plastic keepsake ticket, the same with UFC 205 although I didn't go to that. Reason I ask is I buy a plaque from the ufc store that displays the ticket from every event I attend but the holder is for the oversized keepsake tickets. I recently went to UFC 211 and all they offered was the plain paper ticket. Im going to attend UFC 213 and wanted to know if they will be doing commemorative tickets.I have attached a pic of the type of tickets Im referring to.
  3. Hi all, I'm attending my first ufc event, 205. Just wondering will it be possible to buy a ticket to the fight in NY? If so where would I go to buy it? I arrive in NY on the thursday before the fight. I realise I'm a complete green horn to this so and help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. UFC Fight Night Albany Times Union Center Friday, December 9th Fight Club Pre-Sale: Wednesday October 26th (includes all taxes and service fees): P1 = $147.90 P2 = $96.15 P3 = $80.65 P4 = $54.75 P5 = $44.40 P6 = $34.05
  5. 4 ticket maximum for ALL pre-sales and on-sale. Ticket Link: http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/3B00513BC8E1219A Ticket Prices (Do not include fees): P1 = $1500 P2 = $1000 P3 = $800 P4 = $600 P5 = $450 P6 = $250 P7 = $100
  6. UFC Portland Fight Club Pre-Sale UFC Fight Club Ultimate & Elite members get first access to UFC Portland tickets starting at 10amPT, Wednesday August 24th! Unique codes may be found at ufcfightclub.com/presales and get your tickets here--> http://www.ticketmaster.com/ufc-fight-night-portland-oregon-10-01-2016/event/0F0051118B3018FE Ticket Prices (Does not include fees): P1 = $150 P2 = $100 P3 = $75 P4 = $50
  7. Ticket Prices (not including fees): P1 = £175 P2 = £125 P3 = £95 P4 = £75 P5 = £45 Ticket limit for pre-sales and the public on-sale is 4 tickets
  8. Date: Saturday, November 5, 2016 Venue: Arena de Mexico – Mexico City, MX Fight Club Presale: Starts Monday, August 29 – 10 am CT Ticket Prices includes fees: P1/Cancha = MEX$3,478/ $189.98 USD P1 Retractil Diamante = MEX$3,478/ $189.98 USD P2 Retractil Platino = MEX$2,408.00/$131.53 USD P3 Retractil Oro = MEX$1,659.00/ $90.62 USD P4 Platea Platino = MEX$1,284.00/ $70.13 USD P5 Super Palco = MEX$1,017.00/ $55.55USD P6 Platea Oro = MEX$856.00/ $46.76 USD P7 Barrera Platino = MEX$642.00/ $35.07USD P8 Barrera Oro = MEX$482.00/ $26.33USD
  9. Fight Club Presale: Starts Thursday, August 4 – 9 am CT Ticket Prices (Does not include fees): P1 = $150 P2 = $100 P3 = $75 P4 = $45
  10. I just bought UFC 200 tickets on eBay from a seller with 100% positive feedback. He responded and told me that the tickets are being held until July 6th (3 days before the event) and we have to wait until then before he can send me anything. Has anyone experienced anything like this? / Does anyone have UFC 200 tickets and can attest that this is true? He purchased them through ticketmaster and sent me screen shots. He said he contacted both the UFC and ticketmaster and they both told him the tickets will be available for PDF download on the 6th.
  11. I'll be buying UFC 196 tickets on Tues. How do I go about obtaining nice laminated ones (see picture attachment example) you would wear with a lanyard as opposed to those generic ticketmaster ones. I want to keep the nice laminated one for souvenir & keepsake "I was There' purposes.. Please help.
  12. UFC 197- dos Anjos vs McGregor Holm vs Tate Date: Saturday, March 5, 2016 Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena –Las Vegas, NV Fight Club Presale: Starts Wednesday, January 20 – 12 pm PT Ticket Prices (Does not include fees): P1 = $1450 P2 = $950 P3 = $650 P4 = $450 P5 = $300 P6 = $200
  13. Hey Fight Club! The UFC 193 weigh-ins are FREE and open to the public... but you will need a ticket for entry. You may get them here: http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/event/25004F5EDE7A17D3?did=fightclub 8:00AM - Doors to Fight Club members (+1 Guest) ticketed (FREE) 8:30AM - Doors for general public to ticketed fans (FREE) 9:00AM - Fighters on scale for the UFC 193 weigh-ins
  14. Hi guys, I'm new to UFC fight club... Just wondering if its possible to book two tickets together? I'll be looking to book for UFC London! Thanks in advance
  15. Me and two of my mates bought three separate tickets for UFC 194 because it was downright impossible to get three together. Giving it is our first event, are they strict with people sitting in the correct seats and sections, once they sit at their level. Our tickets cost $275 each, so I don't see a problem with us sitting somewhere together, because I think it would've been the same for a lot of people to get separate tickets?
  16. The IMMAF is offering Fight Club members a discount on tickets to the IMMAF World Championships. The preliminary sessions are being held in the Flamingo Sunset Ballroom from Monday July 6th- Thursday July 9th with doors opening at 10am and competition running from 11am-3pm each day. Ticket Link http://www.ticketmaster.com/search?tm_link=tm_homeA_header_search&=&user_input=immaf&q=immaf 20% discount for UFC Fight Club members: Code- UFCFIGHTCLUB
  17. Looking to get rid of 4 tickets in Section 220. Face value. Not looking for profit. Spread to word if you or anyone you know is interested.
  18. I know this probably already seems like old news even if the event hasn't even happened yet. Like so many UFC fans, I missed out on acquiring tickets for the "FREE TO FANS" press conference in Dublin (Tuesday 23rd) regardless of doing everything humanly possible. If the event in London was made open to fans, I wouldn't be as annoyed with the ticketing system the UFC chose to use for the world tour. Driving to London is something I could have cancelled easily. UNFORTUNATELY flights to Dublin are NONE transferable and NONE refundable! So now my wife's surprise of paying for me and a friend (as part of his Stag) to fly to Dublin for a press conference has turned into X2 empty airplane seats and a gutted wife. So.. I'm not asking for priority. Just a heads up if anybody happens to catch wind of any websites, forums or any other way of getting inside that Convention Centre on Tuesday PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know.
  19. Hello, I'm a new member, just having problems registering with ticketmaster.com from ireland for presales? Is ticketmaster.ie the same? When I search for ufc with the irish ticketmaster nothing comes up. Have to get my hands on 189 tickets! Any help? Thanks!
  20. Date: Saturday, April 4, 2015 Venue: Patriot Center – Fairfax, VA Fight Club Presale: Starts Wednesday, February 11 – 10 am et Public On-Sale Date: Starts Friday, February 13 - 10 am et Ticket Prices are as follows, including all sales tax/venue & credit card fees per ticket. P1 = $182 P2 = $132 P3 = $97 P4 = $77 P5 = $57
  21. cmarthabp

    March 14, 2015

    I'm trying to buy the presale tickets for March 14th and it keeps giving me an error. does anyone have an idea??
  22. How are you going to handle yourself after Nick Diaz is given a title shot against Lawler, after leg checking Anderson Silva into a stretcher?
  23. Details, and ticket link in this thread!!! LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE! http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/topic/178660-ufc-exclusive-casino-night-ufc-stockholm/
  24. UFC 181 Fight Club Pre-Sale Ultimate and Elite members get first access to tickets starting at 10am PST UFC 181 will take place Saturday, December 6th in Las Vegas. For fight card, news, and updates: http://www.ufc.com/event/UFC181 Ticket Prices are as follows, including all sales tax/venue & credit card fees per ticket. $1,042.35 $791.35 $584.15 $427.15 $277.15 $141.45
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