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Found 3 results

  1. Ok so keep in mind everything i'm saying has been pulled straight off the twitter rumor mill so take all this information with a grain of salt. also im not saying all the information is true or that i agree with it. im just here to present the information and see what you guys think. ill post screenshots of the original posts i saw on twitter what do you guys think? does this rumor hold any weight? or are we seeing more Conor fanboys find excuses for their golden boy getting royally whooped? i will admit that conor did not look like his old self but rather a tired sluggish underconfident shell of what he used to be.
  2. i'd like to hear how you guys reacted when khabib landed that MONSTER right in the second and became the first person to almost drop conor inside the ufc (i believe). My friend and i are huge khabib fans and were watching the fight standing. when the punch landed we both screamed pure screams of joy. i jumped and hit my head on the ceiling and shortly after i got a text from my neighbor telling us to stop screaming. what about you guys?
  3. Right By some miracle after getting $5k tickets for like and hour, I manage to get 2 tickets for $800. I was just rushing through just to confirm the buy. I picked FlashSeat deliever. But it's not in Ireland App Store. I manage to download on the US App Store, but as I type in my card details and Address. It only allows me to pick US or Canada. I'm from Ireland and Iv no idea how to actually get my tickets. Any one have an idea. I contacted customer service so hopefully they can make thing easier. Any help would be appreciated.
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