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Found 1 result

  1. Game: You run a fantasy camp of UFC fighters. You will begin with $200K. One by one, we will draft active UFC fighters. Each fighter has a value, depending on their ranking. Champions obviously cost the most.  Draft Fees: Champions: $100K Ranked fighters #1-#5: $50K Ranked fighters #6-#10: $25K Ranked fighters #11-#15: $15K Unranked fighters: $10K Ways to Make Money: When your fighter competes, your camp makes money. The higher ranked the fighter, the more you earn based on the scale below. You get a win/show check, and if earned, POTN/FOTN bonuses $5k. We will go by the weekly rankings on https://m.ufc.com/rankings Please note, if the UFC deems your fighter ineligible to receive performance bonuses due to missing weight, they will be ineligible in this game as well. If a fighter is ranked at one weight class, and they fight at a different weight class, they will get paid their ranked pay. Another method of earning is a Camp Feud Bonus. If fighters from two different camps face each other, the winner will receive a $5k bonus. Pay scale (listed by win/show): Champions: $20K/$20K Ranked fighters #1-#5: $10K/$10K Ranked fighters #6-#10: $5K/$5K Ranked fighters #11-#15: $3K/$3K Unranked fighters: $2K/$2K As your fighter goes up in the rankings, he will earn your camp more money. Refunds of fighters are allowed. You will receive 50% of his/her respective value at the time of refund. You are allowed to refund one fighter every calendar week. The week begins at 12:00 A.M. EST on Monday. Another form of earning are side bets. If you and another player agree on a bet between fighters in your respective camps, post it in the thread, and I will confirm it. The limit is $5K in non-titlefights, and $10K in title fights. I'll ensure that all bets are paid by kneecapping any and all welchers. Other Rules: 1.)You may add one fighter to your camp a week, IF you have the funds, and that fighter hasn't been drafted. If you want to draft an available fighter, just post it in the thread. You can add fighters any time, except during a live event. All bets must be settled before live event as well. The new week starts on Mondays at 12:00 A.M. EST. If a fighter has just fought, you must wait for the rankings to come out to get that fighter at the correct cost. This also includes releasing fighters, as well as fighters that retire, get stripped of their belt, relinquish their belt, get suspended, etc. 3-21-19 updated 2.)Your fighter has to enter the cage to receive your show money. 3.) Editing your picks = Automatic ban from the game. 4.) Trades that are questionable, will be voted upon for fairness, with majority ruling. 5.) If something comes up that was not covered in the rules, the league will collectively discuss it, and come to a conclusion on how to handle that situation. 6.) Stay active. 3 months straight of non activity during any period, your fighters will be released and you will be removed from the game. 7.) If you recruit a fighter before Monday 12:00 A.M. EST, and you already recruited a fighter that week, you will not receive that fighter, and you will not be able to recruit for that week. 1-28-19 updated. 8.) The ultimate goal of the game is to have the best camp at the end of the year. The criteria to determine who has the best team is based on having the most wins, most money, and most champions.
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