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Found 5 results

  1. No explaining needed. But what would be your favourite scenario? Should Bones be scared? Will his nickname protect him or is it just a prophecy of his inevitable ultimate downfall?
  2. To complete USA domination of the UFC only some 20 aught days until the last non-american has to prove his worth. Heavyweight: Light Heavyweight: Goatweight: Welterweight (formerly known as CANadiaweight): Injuredweight: Bantamweight: Little People's Division: LolWMMA: Who will reign supreme?
  3. So after observing some of the cans on other mma forums interacting i found it interesting that the Silva Youth / handbagon machida fans have come up with heir own revisionist history of the bout. In their mind Machida pulled a Henridcks/GSP or Lawler/Hendricks where Machida supposedly blasted Weidman with huge power shots all night putting him out on his feet several times and Weidman was saved by the bell in both the 4th and 5th rounds. They then pull out the old "if the fight was scored in total Machida would have won as he did 6 and one half times the damage to The Chris as Machida has inflicted on himself." Never once do they mention Machida's face looked like hamburger and he needed a 10lb sack of ice to keep the swelling down, but this goes against the narrative Weidman didn't actually hit Machida once it was all an illusion that tricked those damn gullible judges into thinking Machida lost 4 rounds to 1. From what i can tell the Weidman haters have pretty much solidified into a stance where everyone Weidman beats is a can, Weidman really lost anyway, and if the can that just got knocked out is actually A.S. well Anderson was just kidding he never went out he'll get him the 3rd time, et al... Please discuss this tomfoolery.
  4. http://www.foxsports.com/ufc/haymaker/ufc-s-thiago-tavares-is-running-for-office-in-brazil-in-the-communist-party-081614 Apparently the UFC has another communist in its ranks in the figure of Thiago Tavares who is actually running for office in Brazil as a member of the Brazilian Commie's Club. Interestingly enough he is also a cheater getting popped for some of that patented Brazilian Jesus Juice after Khabib displayed superior Russian communism to ol' Roider via decapitation. Now so far we have confirmed one defecting stool loving commie, one full-out roiding commie, and a handful of cheating Dagestani ex commie cans in the UFC The question is simple: Are communists inherently cheating cans? The evidence is there who can save us from the red threat?
  5. UFC 181 Fight Club Pre-Sale Ultimate and Elite members get first access to tickets starting at 10am PST UFC 181 will take place Saturday, December 6th in Las Vegas. For fight card, news, and updates: http://www.ufc.com/event/UFC181 Ticket Prices are as follows, including all sales tax/venue & credit card fees per ticket. $1,042.35 $791.35 $584.15 $427.15 $277.15 $141.45
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