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Found 2 results

  1. I know it was just announced and it's really early but will there be an actual nice laid out plain and space for this like there was at the garden before or will it be like last time and just a thrown together last minute mess at the Orpheum with nothing else going on afterwards? I'm actually happy the McGregor fight is before this cause the last Q&A with Aldo was ridiculous. Some of the stupidest questions from all the McGregor fans with the translator (Jorge Gurgel) and the host trying to make sense of it all and basically cutting it short. The whole thing was basically a huge fail last time. The only good part was I could buy beer while it was going on.
  2. Weigh Ins – Friday 3rd October The Globe Theatre 13.00 Doors Open to FC 13.30 Doors Open General Public 13.00 – 14.00 – Guest fighter autograph signing (Concourse roped off) for Fight Club only. 14.00- 15.00 Guest fighter Q&A with: Alex Gustafasson Conor McGregor Jo Calderwood Forrest Griffin 16.00 Weigh Ins Weigh-ins are free and open to the public with priority and exclusive access provided to Premium, Ultimate, and Elite Fight Club members plus one guest. Fight Club members must present their bar code prior to entry at 13.00 where members will receive a wristband. You may get your bar code by going to the EVENTS page. Your bar code may be presented by printing it, or via your mobile device.
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