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Found 1 result

  1. As we all know WarWest has abandoned the original Welchers List of Shame and it is in dire need of updates as welching is apparently the norm around here now. The below list is credit to WW but I have added some additions to it that I know are legit. If you are aware of somebody committing the ultimate forum sin, please post here with a link that provides the welching evidence and I will add them. For your forum betting situational awareness I present to you: UNDEFEATED P4P GOAT OF WELCHING: _Finish_Him_ (Account bet with Patster and sigbet with Banham on the Alvarez/Melendez fight) 1. Identity (Poop eating bet with WTG on WeidGOAT/Silva 1) 2. AxeMurduh (Account bet with Patster on the Cerrone/Noons fight, and pretty much every bet he's ever accepted) 3. GoldenAfro 4. Bluesy 5. Cromwell (Poop eating bet with WTG) 6. ShannonRitch1P4P (Account bet on BJ Penn/Roidy MacDonals with Bubba_Pilks) 7. Ozpride (Sig bet with Gaybri) 8. MIRKO_CRO_COP 9. bright508620 10. PATSTER (Bet with Bezerker on the Cain/Verdum fight) 11. Me_Against_The_World 12. punchbag (Av/Sig bet on Mendes vs McGregor) 13. Steeler_Nation43 aka Pigs_On_The_Wing (Account bet with CashFlow on the McGregor/Poirier fight) 14. BigMuff aka Brian (Username/AV bet with Polo on the Edgar/Swanson fight) 15. Shark_Etiquette (Forum wide bet on Silva/WeidGOAT) 16. Hellequin (Suicide bet, he's still breathing therefore welching) 17. CashFl0w 18. Head Inbred in Charge, aka HNIC (Has lost 4 account bets but is still posting derp all over the forum, you do the math) 19. I_Take_Roids (AV/Sig bet on Mendes vs McGregor) 20. Baba_Ji (Loser leaves forum bet with Wedo on the Jacare/Mousasi fight) 21. Weidman_The_Goat (Poop eating bet with Felice Herrig and Piss drinking bet with Sober on Weidman vs Rockhold) 22. Fourthnorseman (AV bet with Cashfl0w on Dwyer vs Brown) 23. CorporalClegg (Bet with OzPride on Kelly vs Evans) 24. America (Account bet with Vert) 25. VerttFTW (Account bet with ITR) Posters beware the following. Take precaution when considering a bet with the following: 1. Wedo aka Hitemnsubitem- Squirmed his way out of a poop eating bet after he realized he did not want to digest feces on camera. Probation: Carnages41
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