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Tyson fury


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Yeah I thought Fury looked a bit poor - he felt Chisora's power early on and didn't want any of it.


Two questions:


1) After the 2nd/3rd round when he rocked Fury, why did Chisora not throw more than 3 punches per round until the end?


2) If Fury 'badly hurt' his left hand as he claimed after the fight, why did he continue to throw it so often throughout the entire fight rather than increase the number of right handed shots?

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Theres nothing i'd like more then to see another British HW champion but I can't see Fury being that person. His best assest is that he's tall as ****. Thats basicially it. He has decent power but he seems to get tired after the first 2 rounds of every fight and then he looks like he's got the energy of a sloth the rest of the fight. He's a good domestic fighter but I can't see him getting in the ring with a Klitschko or Haye and not leaving in an ambulance. I might be being a little hard on him as he's only 22 and will improve alot more but still ca't see him winning a world title. I think David Price deserves more attention then he's getting and he has just as much potential as Fury to win a world title.

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