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Sakara Out At 133! Constantinos Philippou In!


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133 must really be pissing joe silva and dana white off now! lol





i rrrreeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyy hope philippou smashes riveras face in! (as you can tell im a bisping fan!) :D :D

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Rashad Evans is PPV black voodoo.


This is the 4th PPV in a row where he's involved that's been hit with a massive list of injuries, pull outs, and replacements.


Note to other UFC fighters. If you find out you're going to be on the same PPV as Rashad, don't do it. You're going to get injured in training camp.









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This card sucks balls.


Sure' date=' maybe it will end up being great, but overall, on paper. It suks so bad.[/quote']


is there any point even having this card anymore? lol theres only like two fights i wanna see tbh


Im not even sure I would stream this one for free.


agreed' date=' & Rivera can win this, he would have been cut after losing to Sakara -



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