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Becoming A 'Pro' Fighter, Part I: Taking The Step Up.


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Great new article up at http://www.YourMMA.tv's Training Zone, in which Chris Kernaghan details going from being on the verge of a carb coma from a Sunday dinner, to getting on his way to pro fighter status in the time it takes to reply to a text message.


Very interesting read, where he details how he worked the prep in around his other commitments, the training and the diet.




Working a job and training in my available spare time takes its toll. Add to this the diet and it makes me wonder why I did it, but I did. For seven weeks, sticking to it religiously. Yes, there would be nights I didn't want to train, which meant I had to summon up the mental fortitude to push myself to go. All I had to do to accomplish this was to picture my opponent training to take my head off. If he was training and I wasn't then he would win and I couldn't have that.


Part II deals with fight night, the nerves and getting in the cage. Stay tuned and let us know what you think.

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The conclusion of the two part series 'Becoming A Pro Fighter' by Chris Kernaghan. Before he told you all about his training, diet and preparation. In this second installment, it's time for war. See what goes through the mind of a debut pro fighter on fight day. Or Chris' mind at least....



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