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Sexton Using MMA Hiatus To Aim For ADCC 2011 Slot


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Rosi wants that last slot at -60kg for ADCC 2011, and is excited to go up against some of the world's best grapplers whilst going back to her grappling roots and refocusing on improving that area.




?Kyra Gracie is the big one in that category. She?s been around a long time and she?s got a big name obviously. She?s won a lot of competitions in grappling. I hear she?s looking to cross over into MMA, potentially at 125lbs which is my weight class. That?d be another very interesting matchup and I?d love to see how I go against her.


?In terms of no-gi grappling, which is more my thing ? a lot of these girls are coming from a gi background ? I?ve nearly always trained that way because of my MMA background, so that?s been my main focus. It?d be really interesting to see how that goes. There are some great matchups there with a lot of interest from people who are involved in female MMA, and hopefully from UK fans aswell.?


Get involved if you're on Twitter or Facebook, and let ADCC know that you want Rosi in there.

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