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Jeff Curran Signs with the UFC


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I think it is a good signing' date=' we may also see his cousin Pat Curran in the UFC very soon as well. oh by the way Curran vs Jorgenson at UFC 136 I believe.[/quote']


curran vs jorgenson should be a great fight. like both those guys.


Pat Curran just had a good win at Bellator 47. He would be a good addition, but needs a lot of work still.

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Informed forumite.


He went 15-16 and got a title shot versus Faber' date=' then lost to Mike Brown, but he is still very talented and looks to finish.[/quote']


This is where a lot of his bad rap comes from. He lost four in a row but they were to good guys.

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Curran is not a bad fighter at all.


Freaking Zuffa Zombies. :D


lol thank you. i would also like to see pat curran in the ufc. i think they both have the potential to give some folks problems. both guys scrap...


one can only roll his eyes for so long. like people have completely forgotten the term Gate Keeper... :D

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