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Struve vs Barry At UFC On Versus 6


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i like them both.. but, they always find a way to lose the fight... struve always fu** up his reach, he never uses it for his favor in stand up fight, just use to pull a triangle off his back.


barry always find a way to lose the fight too, remenber the cro cop fight?! not even mention kongo fight...


I don`t know... don`t see too much future for both in the ufc =/

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I never thought I would but I honestly feel bad for Struve. Never has anyone made it into the ufc on physical advantage alone since Tim Sylvia. Because he's got zero skill.


Barry' date=' spectacular ko, rd 1.[/quote']


I think Barry might have to lunge a bit ?

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:( Barry won't even be able to reach Struves face' date=' they just took away Barrys career :([/quote']


Your'e a moron. They just fed Struve to Barry. Barry will hurt Struve and might give him

the most devastating knockout of his career. If not he wont be able to walk for months

If Barry will come out lazy then Stuve will upset him..

I just hope that Barry would come out crazy like the Hardonk fight

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