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Official Unofficial Forum VIP!


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Rules: You may only pick one member, and you may not pick yourself. That is all. The winner is chosen when the thread gets too slow, and I decide it's the end. XD If you're the forum VIP, you can put it in your signature, just to show that, up next to the mods, you are the coolest guy around. :D


Play along...




shinsplint - 4 votes

brewster - 3 votes

ArkaneKnight - 2 votes

the_enigma - 2 votes

JP24 - 2 votes

Doctor_Obviously - 2 votes

ForrestGriffinFan101 - 1 vote

BEG - 1 vote

TeamPunishmentMVP - 1 vote

beserker101 - 1 vote

Brocksmash - 1 vote

pessimist_pete - 1 vote

bright###### - 1 vote (lol)

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I vote Brew!


See' date=' I can do what I am told from time to time. :P[/quote']






Whats the point of VIP? Does that mean you can be extra racist like at CD


Nahh, I have no idea, just play along. Who would you vote, come on! :P

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I vote BEG (only because I can't vote for myself) oh and I love her and her 6 ft 6 boyfriend who can certainly kick my butt. :D


Awwwweeee! I love you too!


(Oh and JJW is 6'2'....and would never kick your butt, because then he'd have to answer to me. :P And he says hello BTW.)

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Everyone who votes for two' date=' their votes are counted as mine.



lol not! :P


Hmmm. I would like to pick both Shin and Zerk. But' date=' since I can only pick one... I will vote Zerk in (since shin is already leading :P).[/quote']


beserker101? Okay

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I may not be known in the UFC forums but a visit the forums often and by far the_enigma is by far the funniest and coolest dude on the UFC forums (IMO).


LOL cheers' date=' I should warn everyone that my e-ego is like unstable explosives, if disturbed it will BLOW THE **** UP!!! :cool:


Well he is an Aussie...


Good explanation ;)


The ****! Most of you vote for me to be a mod' date=' yet you don't even nominate me for this! Lol, ***** the lot of ya![/quote']


I shun your rules




As I am the great one.... :rolleyes:


I choose Sober / Mule / Zerk / Jack / Riot / Shin / KRYME / Doc / BBC


i cant lie' date=' so technically i can only vote for myself[/quote']


looks like I'm not the only one with the e-ego problem :D

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