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MMA Draft


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1.) we will be drafting 20 fighters in order too make a 10 bout fight card, your card must include one fight from each weight class bantamweight to heavyweight. You other three fights can be superfights, or catchweight bouts or fights in any weight class you choose, no matching up HW's with LW's or anything like that.


2.) we will be using a 12341234 draft order format


3.) the same fighter cannot be selected twice


4.) we will be having a poll after the draft is over and we have made up our fight cards too see who drafted and made the best fight card.


5.) we will require 4 or 5 people too get started


6.) 5 min limit too get your pick in or else you will be skipped, and if you do not make 2 consecutive picks you will be disqualified and your fighters will go back into the draft pool.


7.) fighters from any organization can be selected




1.) Wingzero8717





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