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Anyone wanna get whooped on UFC Undisputed 2010 Xbox 360


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the games really good but gets ruined so quickly when you get guys who lag switch


or guys who literally just clinch then walk up against cage and shoulder strike, rinse and repeat...


i wish there was a more effective method to get out of clinch positions, hopefully the new game will sort this

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i am terrible at ufc 2010. i mean i am totally familiar with the system and whatnot, but it was ridiculous. some people were just crazy good at reversals and i just have no answer at all. the only time i win is when i play like a level 10 noob. i'll pick gsp, slam him around until he is all out of stamina, and just keep doing it over and over but refusing to finish the fight. this usually results in a quit.


2009 was more up my alley. noob friendly and it was more of a rock em sock em robots style formula. pathetically fun if ya ask me. If i wanted to pick fitch or lesnar and just hold them in the guard the entire time and punch them around a little while i am at it while holding left on my analog to block their escapes, i would, otherwise i would just break out the turbo controller and submit fools at full stamina without even landing a punch the whole time. i had over 1000 wins and maybe 200 losses, not counting the morons who quit on me the moment i finish them. Yet people still neglect the overwhelming amount of submission win's on my record, and continue to pick a fighter with no submission defense whatsoever expecting something different to come along!


and dont give me that whole turbo controller is cheating bullcrap. Anybody can buy one from the store and you don't have to modify your game or console to use it. Just put some batteries in it and away you go. Works better on games like tekken or mortal kombat, but it was absollutely hilarious being able to tap some people out in the first 20 seconds of that game. 2009 was flawed in every way! You could even get them in a single collar tie and spam uppercut them without them being able to do anything about it! If you had more speed then them, you could repeat it over and over until the helpless victim gets dropped. No i dont consider that cheating, i consider it a sad attempt by THQ for their first MMA game. that game was cheap as hell but oh man did i have fun times!


i am half assed on 2010. havent played for a while. the only time i seem to feel like playing it is right before or after a fight night, and often the servers are down during that time! Some people just get too good at that game, others get better at spamming the same cheese**** moves all of the time until they break you. Me i just plain suck. Fortunately they removed submissions via button mashing so my cheap controller is rendered useless. I really don't feel so obligated to destroy the grip on my analog over and over by having to wax my stick. I seen a youtube video of some dude who destroyed the palm of his hand as well as his controller from repetitively trying to submit people or escape submissions on ufc 2009 via shining the analog stick real fast.

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