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Is Rashad Actually The Underdog?


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Going by the threads i have seen on this site, ortiz looks like he is going to completely outclass rashard and dominate him no matter where the fight go's. rashrad will be lucky to mount any offense at all, he will just be running away from the world class striker that is Tito Ortiz

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yeah man I'm pretty ****ing shocked to be honest ... these are close to Bader/Tito odds... the line opened even worse


with all things considered I figured Tito would be the betting underdog .. but something closer to -250/+175 feels more correct ..


I know they made the odds slightly closer because there was a lot of early money on Tito .. I'm sure they'll get closer when it gets near fight time

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you're kidding ? :eek: (which site ?)


I'm not sure where they pull the lines from .. I always just look at mma-core


Dang - Maybe I could make some banana's on this fight... Tito is at great odds.


& I could buy it instead ov going to The Marriot downtown - lol


yeah man I would put some loot down but I always lose when I bet on a fight now


I gave up after Edgar/Penn 2

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