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"Problem" Fighters


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No, this topic is not about fighters that have issues outside the ring, or with training, executing gameplan or cheating.


The idea is to give some love to guys that aren't top caliber but have been and can be that monkeywrench that jams another fighter's rise to the top. The underdog that sometimes gets that big win, the dark horse who is quickly forgotten until he upsets someone again.


So who would you guys say are these few guys?


I'd say the first who comes to mind is Keith Jardine. Griffin, Liddell, Vera, and Mousasi are all fighters who he has beaten. Ok, Draw with Mousasi, but it was a fight that Mousasi didn't win. Jardine.

Anyone else think of a great dark horse fighter who has taken several contenders down a peg when he was "supposed" to lose?

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