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Name a move character that reminds you of a fighter


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The french guy on Taladaga Nights reminds me of GSP...


Jean Girard: My name is Jean Girard and I am a racing-car driver just like you except I am from Formula Un. I am the greatest one in the whole world. I have been following your career with great interest, Monsieur Bobby.

Ricky Bobby: I can't understand a word you've said the whole time.

Cal Naughton, Jr.: Did you eat some peanut butter or something?

Ricky Bobby: Yeah, you sound like a dog with peanut butter on the roof of your mouth

Jean Girard: I think what you are hearing is my accent. I am French.

Ricky Bobby: You say you're French?

Jean Girard: Oui.

[sounds like 'We']

Ricky Bobby: We? No, we are not French. We're American, because you're in America, okay? Greatest country on the planet

Jean Girard: Well, what have you given the world apart from George Bush, Cheerios, and the ThighMaster?

Ricky Bobby: Chinese food?

Cal Naughton, Jr.: Chinese food.

Jean Girard: That's from China.

Ricky Bobby: Pizza.

Jean Girard: Italy.

Cal Naughton, Jr.: Chimichanga.

Jean Girard: Mexico.

Ricky Bobby: Really, smarty-pants? What did French land give us?

Jean Girard: We invented democracy, existentialism, and the M?nage ? Trois.

Cal Naughton, Jr.: Those are three pretty good things.

Ricky Bobby: Hey.

Cal Naughton, Jr.: Well that last one's pretty cool

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