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UFC 55 Chael Sonnen & Joe Riggs


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I was arguing with my friend yesterday over weather or not the Arlowski Buantello fight at UFC 55 was a bad stoppage so I decided find the DVD and watch it for the 1st time in years....


While watching it I couldn't beleive how good Joe Riggs looked in dismantling Chris Lyttle & how SHOCKING CHAEL SONNEN looked in losing to Babalu.


Interesting to see what has happened to there careers since with Riggs losing to journeymen & Sonnen giving Anderson his hardest fight in years.What do you put this down to?

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chael sonnen lol


chael sonnen is funny no q about that but he's gonna lose 2 any fighter who can pull out a traingle


i wont be suprized if stann traingled him


and jo started 2 win cause he fought guys that didnt know how 2 wrestle thin he met diego sanchez


Stann did sub Masenzio with a triangle

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