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Who is the most EXCITING fighter?


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There are a few fighters that you watch and pretty much automatically know exactly how the fight will play out...ahem GSP...(not trolling on GSP, but very obvious selection)...then there are some fighters that from the opening bell, have you on the edge of your seat because you know something incredible is about to happen/ or could happen most any second. You can't blink, you can't even get up to grab a beer. Those are the fighters I love to see. Which fighter keeps you on the edge of your seat? Which fighter could you predict the outcome of with your eyes closed and the TV on mute? People say that winning a fight is all that matters, semi-true (to the viewer I suppose), but I don't get all that excited by a UD, but let someone be in the midst of getting KTFO, I'm up and screaming at the TV...absolutely love the beatdowns, can't stand the UD...what do you guys think?

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Aldo, Pettis (that kick off the cage was insane)..def Leben, Cain, JDS, & Sanchez, Machida n Shogun...Wanderlei (from Pride)...used to think Anderson was the sickest until the Cote, Maia, Leites fights....I still want my PPV refund from Abu Dhabi lol

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Joe Lauzon is the most exciting fighter in the UFC.


He was one of my first favorite fighters... When fighters lose success, I tend to accidentally forget about them, but he's always gonna be one of my favorite fighters.


Joe Lauzon

Spencer Fisher

Big Nog

Andrei Arlovski

Dan Hardy

Paulo Thiago


Just a little list of currently unsuccessful fighters that I like.

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HW- Fedor, Pat Barry, Cain, Kharitonov

LHW- Jon Jones, Fejiao, Hendo, Shogun, Rampage

MW- Anderson Silva, Palhares, Lombard, Jacare, Wand

WW- Nick Diaz, Rumble Johnson, Thiago Alves, Condit, Penn

LW- Eddie Alvarez, Genki Sudo, Joachim Hansen, Guilliard, Melendez

FW- Jose Aldo , Michihiro Omigawa, Chad Mendes


BW- Joseph Benavidez, Faber, Torres, Jorgenson, Cruz (


FlyW- Rambaa Somdet

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