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Barao slams Sonnen and talks Pickett.


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The guy weighs a buck 35....lol....he needs to pick on someone about 9 years old ....and leave Chael alone.....before he gets verbally assaulted......LOL


I think people who don't find Chael funny , who are bothered by Chael simply need to ignore him because all this hate is just getting him more acknowledgment , exposure and fame. It's not a big deal , I mean a lot of the things he says are ignorant , stupid and insulting but that's what the majority of the world does so if you it really bothers you despite the fact he does it for the sake of humor and notoriety then just don't give him the gift of your time.



Barao needs to worry about Pickett , that guy is the darkhorse in the division has a solid record , has beaten some really solid competition utterly whooped Might Mouse and Barao himself looked very poor in his last fight. ATT is behind Pickett too so you can always expect him to be better , pinnacle fight for Barao needs to keep focused.

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