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Friday Night Fights


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Even though I've brought this idea up before, I'd like another crack at posing this to the house.


I think that in the interest of helping MMA break through to the mainstream masses, this could be a key tactic in establishing the UFC brand.


When I posed it before, some folks shot it down out of hand, saying the UFC couldn't put on that many events. Too few fighters, too many injuries.


But here is my thinking.


By putting on regular weekly events, it would work like Monday Night Football. Get the public used to watching MMA. Here's how my concept would work.


Limit it to 3 fights every Friday Night. That is one hour of TV Time. And 6 fighters.

They should be no-name newcomers who have had only a few fights in the UFC but that none of us have heard of. That would help the UFC introduce the no-namers to even the hardcore MMA fans.


In every division, there are probably maybe 10 names that only the hardest core fans would know. And probably even they haven't seen them.


I realize name fighters must be reserved for pay-TV PPV. The UFC can't afford to waste its name fighters on non-PPV.


One hour, 6 no-name fighters, 3 fights every Friday on Spike, or whatever other channel the UFC goes on.


Free MMA, even with no-namers, is still a whole lot better than no MMA. Fights between even the bottom of the UFC barrell can produce good quality MMA fights.


In today's Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated sports writer Tim Machman asked Dana White.


SI.com: Do you think the presentation needs to change? Are there too many shows being booked?


White: Yeah, no. There aren't enough shows. The question isn't are we doing too many shows, there's going to be more. We're going to be doing more shows. We're going to be doing The Ultimate Fighter in other countries. There's going to be a fight -- let's say we've got this fight August 6 in Philly, right? There's going to be a day very soon where we're doing a fight August 6th in Philly, and Australia, and Germany. You know, there could be three shows going on at the same time.


Does anyone see any downside to this simple concept? Is anyone enthusiastic?

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