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Fights We Want is a combat sports website with content created by and for the fans. Let?s face it; there are a variety of reasons why some fights do not happen:


  • Fighters belong to different leagues and the politics that go along with that make it difficult.
  • Injuries.
  • Other conflicting commitments.
  • Fighters ducking other fighters (most real fighters do not duck any fights but it is sometimes their management who tries to keep their fighter away from what they feel is a bad match up).
  • Money. Maybe this should have been first on the list. Oftentimes a fight won?t happen because one or more of the parties do not feel they are being compensated adequately.

With that said, we put together a list of dream match ups and fights the fans want to see taking out any of the reasons from the list referenced above.


Associated with each bout, on Fights We Want you will find blogs, a member forum and other original content including interviews and media.


You can can subscribe to our RSS blog feeds, Twitter, MySpace and also follow us on our Facebook fan page to be informed of new interviews, articles, contest and free giveaways.

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