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Mirko4life about to drop some knowledge on you fools.


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You like to drink, you hate waking up in the morning with a hangover.




And all for only 3 payments of 0.00 dollars.


****ing milk.


No stupid don't snort the milk, don't drink it while you are drinking alcohol. Drink one glass right before going to sleep.


Now some people may be thinking, "Wtf is this guy saying, Milk. I'll puke" Well if your last drink was at least 30 minutes before the glass of milk, you'll be fine.


Here's the secret, it's all about science b*tches.


When you get a hangover, it's not because of all the alcohol you drank before. It's because of the alcohol vapor that stays in your stomach all night long. Drink a glass of milk, and all that vapor condensates and is flush just like anything else. When you wake up, the only thing you need is water to get rid of the dehydration.


But, don't drink water before you go to sleep. You won't be dehydrated, but you'll have even more alcohol vapors in your stomach and your hangover will be worse.


tl;dr: Drink milk before sleeping, water right after.


So that's it. Mirko4life always dropping knowledge on fools.


P.S. Massive piss in the morning.

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Interesting. Any supporting links??


Years of getting **** wasted until 5am and working at 9am the next morning.


Maybe it's just me. But if this helps some poor fella who wants to drink without a hangover I'll be happy.


The alcohol vapor part was true facts btw. The milk part is just my personal solution.

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I'll let you know in the morning.


If milk works for hangovers' date=' milk and Lucky Charms will probably be a cure for cancer.


You probably just earned me the Nobel Peace Prize without even trying.[/quote']


I got copyrights on milk b*tch. Every cow in the world produces with my permission :P.

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