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I think it was on mixedmartialarts.com, but from what I remember, the match between Eddie and Royler will no longer be happening. Royler asked for the rematch then after Eddie accepted, he started saying 'I'm a Gracie, so give me $50,000 to rematch him'. Eddie tried raising the money, but after getting so far, he said why should he have to pay someone money when they're the one's who want the match-up. Eddie returned the donated money and gave Royler until the 10th of July to decide if he wants the match or not. In another news report, it was said that Royler said he no longer wants to grapple with Eddie, but instead wants to have an MMA bout with him instead. I don't remember seeing any other news reports after that, so I dunno what's gonna happen.


Oh yeah, and I cba to go looking for the links. If you don't believe me, your choice, it's true but I don't care if you don't believe me, enjoy posting people! :D

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