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UFC Referee Marc Goddard Looking For Uniformity In UKMMA


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UFC referee and top UK MMA official Marc Goddard is one of the guys leading the charge in the "wild west" that is the unsanctioned world of UK MMA.


He's taking his seminars around the country in the hope of improving quality and giving some standardisation across the board, as promoters etc. are free to do as they please with regards to show promotion, matchmaking and everything else.


I attended his latest one, and there's an article here:



?If a governing body comes along tomorrow, for me the first and foremost thing is that it will help the fighters. They?re medically licensed, they?re screened, they?ve got MRIs, bloods etc. That can only be a good thing. Fighter safety will always be paramount. Being an ex-competitor and being in there with them as a third man, that?s always going to be the first thing on my mind.


?Obviously in terms of everything else that comes with it, as I alluded to earlier, if you?ve got a ?commission?, who is going to be in it? The scene in the UK at the moment is still in its infancy, and you?re going to need people with a working knowledge of it. But therein lies the problem. If you have this thing, you can?t have that promoter or that judge or that matchmaker ? it?s like the chicken and the egg. But we?ve got to start somewhere, and that is making sure the promoters are promoting for the right reasons. They want to follow the right procedures, and they want to do what they can to get officials that have been on courses like this. People wanting to do things for the right reasons in itself will go a long way.?



Anybody interested should definitely check these seminars out if they're in the UK of course.

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